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V-Peace Scholarships

V-Day believes in young people. We are a movement that first came to life on college campuses and we have seen how our support can help transform a young person’s life and their community. As we birth the new V-Girls movement, we are more committed than ever to supporting girls and young women around the world to lead. With them in mind, we established the V-Peace Scholarship program, which identifies, supports, and educates young women to be leaders in their communities. The grant has only one provision: that the recipient agrees to give back by working to stop violence against women and girls in her own community.

Scholarships, are awarded to individuals who would not otherwise have an opportunity for education and who demonstrate a seeking spirit, a fierce and compassionate nature, and exceptional promise as leaders. Funds are used for secondary schooling, graduate studies, special leadership training, and general expenses such as books, materials, and transportation. V-Peace Scholarships have been given to individuals throughout the world, from Sudan to Sri Lanka, Iraq to the United States, providing future leaders of the V-Day movement with a solid foundation on which to build.

The V-Peace Scholarship program is a closed awards program, made possible in part by the Skees Family Foundation.

V-Day does not accept unsolicited applications for this program.