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V-Day Website Chosen as Site of the Month by WIN Magazine


The V-Day website has been chosen as the February site of the month by WIN Magazine (Women's International Net).

WIN is an international online magazine for women.

Here's what they say:
For the month of February, WIN wishes to congratulate the visionaries who have created V-Day and posted an attractive and informative site online to accompany it. V-Day is a "global movement to end violence against girls and women". The V stands for the Violence it opposes, and for Valentine's Day, February 14, upon which it takes place, choosing to commemorate the violence perpetrated worldwide against women on a day traditionally remembered for romantic love.

The "V" also stands for vagina, and the whole idea of V-Day was born from an Obie-award winning play by Eve Ensler entitled The Vagina Monologues. In research for this play, Ensler interviewed women from around the world about a taboo subject - the vagina - and from these encounters, she created a series of monologues revealing intimate looks into women's thoughts and feelings about this part of their body.

In her research and subsequent touring internationally with the play, Ensler heard hundreds of stories of violence, rape and incest, and saw that there was a need for a large-scale movement to draw attention to this issue. Joined by other women, they created V-Day, and on February 10, 2001, the Saturday before V-Day, an enormous event will take place in New York City to promote awareness for their mission.

The website for V-Day gives all of the information one needs to attend the V-Day performances, which will include appearances by over 70 well-known actresses and celebrities, and will honor the winner of this year's "End of Rape" contest, selecting the most ingenious plan to stop rape in the world. You can read more about past V-Day events, their vision and mission into the future, how you can become involved or support the movement, and how they provide grant money to a number of grassroots organizations that provide direct assistance to women in need.

To visit WIN online, please click