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V-Mail Back Issues

9/19/20 Ruth Bader Ginsburg: May Her Memory Be a Revolution
9/4/20 Honor Essential Workers: Watch V’s latest theatrical offering on Wednesday, Support the Corona Emergency Fund
8/26/20 Essential Service Workers Take Action Launching Series of Strikes Beginning Monday; 15 Years Since Hurricane Katrina, A Look Back at Swimming Upstream
8/1/20 JOY! 18th Class Begins at City of Joy in Congo
7/13/20 Rada Boric Elected Member of Croatian Parliament!
6/30/20 JOY! City of Joy Celebrates 17th Graduating Class; Watch NEW City of Joy Short from 'WOMAN' Filmmakers
6/17/20 RISE on Juneteenth, RISE in Solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives
6/10/20 Free in the Time of Covid-19 and the Black Lives Matter Movement
5/22/20 V's Birthday Wish – RISE & Support Essential Women Workers on the Front Line
5/8/20 Celebrating & Honoring Our Mothers, Support the V-Day Mother's Day Fund for Incarcerated Women
5/7/20 Join Us – Second Women Workers Rising Town Hall Tues, 12 May with V and Congresswoman Jayapal – Register Today
5/4/20 For #GivingTuesdayNow, RISE & Support Women on the Frontlines
4/16/20 Join us Tuesday, Town Hall: Essential Women on the Frontlines w/Rep. Pramila Jayapal & Eve Ensler
4/4/20 Rise for Farmworker Women on the Frontlines of the Covid-19 Pandemic
3/22/20 URGENT ACTION: Help Expose the #PPE crisis, Stand in Solidarity with Nurses
3/8/20 RISE 2020: Happy International Women's Day
3/6/20 NEW SHORT FILM: "Raise the Vibration", Featuring Voiceover by Thandie Newton & Words by Eve Ensler, Released for IWD2020
2/28/20 RISE on International Women’s Day; Create a “We Are Rising” Flash mob/Rising Event
2/20/20 Document & Share Your Risings; Tell Us the Story of Your Rising
2/14/20 We Are RISING
2/8/20 V-Rising Season is ON
1/23/20 Women Workers Rising on 3 Feb in NYC - Join Eve, OBR & One Fair Wage for a Self-Defense Action
12/31/19 RISE 2020
12/24/19 Your Solidarity & Support Make This Movement Possible
12/19/19 Turn Pain to Power; Give JOY this Holiday Season - Support the City of Knowledge, V-Day Safe House & the City of Joy
12/6/19 Eve Ensler's TED Talk "The Profound Power of An Authentic Apology" Out Today
12/2/19 Raise the Vibration this Giving Tuesday
11/28/19 GRATITUDE, Love, Respect, Strength; City of Joy Collection Launches
11/25/19 Raise the Vibration for 16 Days of Activism; New Song & Art Released Today
11/18/19 Roslyn Smith Joins V-Day Team as Beyond Incarceration, Program Manager
11/6/19 Pat Mitchell Releases “Becoming a Dangerous Woman”; OBR Statement In Support of Filipino Women Human Rights Defenders
10/30/19 October Updates & Events (#FireDrillFridays on Women & Climate, Be Heard on November 3 in NYC, BBC 100 Women 2019 Honors OBR South Africa Coordinator, & more)
10/12/19 Fire Drill Fridays by V-Day Board Member Jane Fonda Launches in DC; Eve to Host Teach-In 31 October
9/27/19 Let V-Season 2020 Begin: Raise the Vibration
9/5/19 RISE. GLOBAL CLIMATE STRIKE. 20-27 September
7/19/19 The Apology, Movement Towards Accountability & Transformation
7/10/19 Artists & Activists RISE at the El Paso Border
6/28/19 ARTISTIC UPRISING at the El Paso Border on July 5
6/12/19 Men RISING: Happy Father's Day
6/6/19 "The Apology" Sparks Revolutionary Conversation in the Media, and Calls for Transformation
5/24/19 Eve's Birthday Wish - Turn Pain to Power to Planting. Support a Collective of City of Joy Graduates
5/14/19 Eve's Newest Book "The Apology" Out Today
5/9/19 Celebrating & Honoring Our Mothers, Today and Every Day
4/9/19 Women Workers RISING: BE HEARD in the Workplace Act Introduced Today
3/12/19 Spanish Language Version of "Like a Woman" Released; Campesinas Rising Campaign Announced for 25 March
3/8/19 NEW Single/Video out for International Women's Day: "Like a Woman" Calls In Men to the Movement
2/22/19 Rhanda Dormeus & Batalá NY Join Rage, Rejoice & RISE; See DISMANTLE Performed LIVE
2/17/19 RISE 2019: From a Campaign to a Way of Life
2/16/19 JOIN US in NYC: Rage, Rejoice & RISE at Middle Collegiate Church on 2/26/19
2/14/19 As the World RISES, New Hip Hop Single Calls on Men to "DISMANTLE" Patriarchy
2/11/19 Sharing, Documenting and Streaming Your 2019 Risings
2/1/19 Celebrating V-Man Duncan Bomba Omwani Papa Omundu Umundu
1/17/19 Support Survivors in Your Community Impacted by the Shutdown
1/10/19 Turning Pain Into Power: CITY OF JOY + Talkbacks with Eve & Christine in LA & Oakland in February
12/31/18 RISE 2019
12/29/18 What a V20 Year!
12/21/18 Global Activism, Until The Violence Stops
12/8/18 Women at City of Joy Send Congratulations to Nobel Peace Prize Winners: V-Rage & Rise
11/20/18 Give Joy
11/7/18 LET'S RISE
10/23/18 Amplifying New Voices During V-Season 2019, Testimonies of Rising Announced
10/5/18 Congratulations to Dr. Denis Mukwege & Nadia Murad - Winners of the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize!
10/2/18 Stop Kavanaugh: Survivors Speaking Their Truth, Standing Up to Power; Take Action
9/29/18 Survivors Telling Their Truth, Standing Up To Power - New City Of Joy Essay by Eve Ensler & Photojournalist Paula Allen
9/21/18 Let V-Season 2019 Begin: RISE 2019
9/14/18 V20 London Rising: Calling London to RISE
9/7/18 CITY OF JOY Documentary Released Worldwide as a Netflix Original Film TODAY
8/15/18 The CITY OF JOY Documentary is COMING TO NETFLIX on 7 SEPTEMBER; WATCH the New Trailer
7/2/18 JOY! City of Joy Celebrates 13th Graduating Class!
6/29/18 RISE UP, RISING RESISTANCE THIS WEEK; Join #FamiliesBelongTogether Actions Tomorrow
6/19/18 Calling All V-Day & OBR Activists - RISE in Solidarity at Families Belong Together Rallies on June 30!
6/15/18 LAST WEEK! V-Day's Talkback Series Continues During Final Week of Eve's Fruit Trilogy; Get Your Tix Today
5/25/18 Eve's 65th Birthday Wish - Turn Pain to Power to Planting. Support a Collective of City of Joy Graduates
5/24/18 Fruit Trilogy Talkback Series Announced, Hosted by V-Day, Featuring Actors & Activists
5/18/18 Statement from One Billion Rising & V-Day on the Violence Against Palestinian Protesters
5/10/18 RISE for Mothers by Supporting the Movement to End Violence Against Women and Girls
4/19/18 SIGN TODAY! Urgent Appeal Calling For an Independent International Inquiry into Sexual Violence Cases in Jammu and Kashmir
3/21/18 RISE TO END GUN VIOLENCE. #MarchForOurLives This Saturday
3/7/18 RISE, RESIST, UNITE on International Women's Day
2/23/18 One Billion Rising Solidarity 2018!
2/14/18 This Is V20
2/12/18 Sharing, Documenting and Streaming Your Risings
2/11/18 V20: Share Your Story of the Grassroots Movement to End Violence Against Women and Girls
2/6/18 Celebrate V20 with Eve and Global Activists at Special Event + Window Installation at ABC Carpet and Home in NYC
2/3/18 Eve Opens In The Body of The World on 6 February; V20 Rise: This is an Artistic Uprising
1/25/18 My Revolution Lives In This Body: A V20 Call for Activists, Written by Eve, Performed by Rosario Dawson, Directed by Deborah Anderson
1/9/18 Eve On Stage in NYC, Vagina Monologues 20th Anniversary Edition Released TODAY
1/1/18 V20: Rise 2018!
12/28/17 As the Year Draws to a Close, We Send You Our Deepest, Most Heartfelt Gratitude
12/21/17 JOY! City of Joy Graduates 12th Graduating Class. Over 1000 Graduates to Date
12/8/17 This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Human Rights. Support the People of Puerto Rico
11/28/17 Today is #GivingTuesday, Support the Global Activist Movement; Rise In Solidarity During 16 Days of Activism
11/21/17 Just As Important Today As It Was 20 Years Ago
10/25/17 Read Eve's Newest Piece: "Over It Redux"; Say it, Stage It - RISE 2018
10/05/17 One Billion Rising Launches Its Sixth Year
09/19/17 V20: Rise, Resist, Unite! Stage a V-Day Benefit, Plan a Rising - V-Season 2018 is Now OPEN!
09/16/17 Rising News from South Asia, Afghanistan, & Congo
08/28/17 Eve in Sydney for Antidote Festival, OBR Australia Meeting with Monique Wilson, & City of Joy Film to Premiere in London
08/15/17 Rise Against Hate, Rise Against White Supremacy: A Call to Action in Response to Charlottesville
06/21/17 This is Joy: City of Joy's 11th Class Graduates, 89 Women Join 849 Others
05/25/17 Celebrate Eve's Birthday - Turn Pain to Power to Planting, Support a Collective of City of Joy Graduates!
05/11/17 RISE for Mothers by Supporting the Movement to End Violence Against Women and Girls; May Day Rising Reports
05/03/17 City of Joy Documentary Celebrates New Awards
05/03/17 Announcing Women Workers Rising Initiative Call for Stories
04/24/17 RISE for Mother Earth at the People's Climate March on 29 April, New Piece By Eve in The Guardian
04/14/17 CITY OF JOY Documentary Wins Festival Awards, Screenings Continue with New Cities Just Added, New OBR Reports & Photo Blogs
03/26/17 RISING Reports from Around the World; #HerDreamDeferred Event Invite from the African American Policy Forum
03/24/17 CITY OF JOY Documentary Film To Appear At Film Festivals Across the US
03/14/17 RISING on International Women's Day - A Global Recap
03/07/17 On International Women's Day WE RISE! In Solidarity with A Day Without A Woman & the International Women's Strike
03/02/17 #WomenWorkersRising Announced: Women Workers Perform, Speak & Testify, Surround the US Dept. Of Labor, March 8
03/01/17 Share Your Story/20th Anniversary Documentary Project; V-Day in the News, March 8 Event in DC
02/22/17 #WomenWorkersRising Announced: Women Workers Perform, Speak & Testify, Surround the US Dept. Of Labor, March 8
02/16/17 RISE 2017; Share your Footage, Share Your Story
02/14/17 Witness the World RISING!
02/11/17 Rising In Solidarity Against the Exploitation of Women Around the World; ARTISTIC UPRISING NYC Updates
02/07/17 NYC Artistic UpRISING in Washington Square Park Announced! Make Valentine's Day a Day of Revolutionary Love & Resistance
01/31/17 RISE In Solidarity Against Fear, Racism & Misogyny; CITY OF JOY Documentary to be Featured as Centerpiece Film at the Athena Film Festival in NYC
01/26/17 We Marched, Now We RISE, Disrupt, Connect & Resist
01/17/17 Rising Actions & Events Happening Around the World Throughout the Inauguration Weekend
01/12/17 #WhyWeMarch; Calling All OBR & V-Day Activists - March/RISE with Eve & Kim Crenshaw in DC
01/01/17 RISE 2017!
12/28/16 Support the Global Movement To End Violence Against Women and Girls
12/23/16 RISE at the Women's March on Washington, Give the Gift of Solidarity for Women of Standing Rock
12/19/16 As the Year Winds Down, We Reflect & RISE
12/14/16 Give the Gift of Solidarity with the Women of Standing Rock, The Female Fighter Series Launches in Guernica Magazine
12/10/16 RISE: Join the Women & Allies March Monday 12 December
12/5/16 Talkback with Eve Just Added! Join us for "Dancing on Hurt Feet" An Artistic Uprising Tuesday, Dec 13 in NYC
11/29/16 Rising to End Violence Against Women & Girls, Support the Movement on #GivingTuesday
11/25/16 With Thanks, the 2016 Annual Report: A Revolutionary Year for V-Day, One Billion Rising, & City of Joy
11/24/16 #RiseInSolidarity: Stand with Standing Rock Against State-Sanctioned Violence
11/15/16 RISE Against Racist Patriarchy
10/28/16 Announcing "Dancing on Hurt Feet" An Artistic UpRising; Say it, Stage it: The Vagina Monologues!
10/13/16 >New Documentary about City of Joy To World Premiere at DocNYC Festival
10/13/16 Latest OBR Video - Walking Prayers by Gina Loring & Deborah Anderson
09/28/16 Stage a Benefit Event in 2017 - V-Season is Now Open for Registration!
09/19/16 Announcing One Billion Rising: Revolution - Solidarity to End the Exploitation of Women
09/06/16 RISE in Solidarity Against the Exploitation of Mother Earth by the Dakota Access Pipeline
08/03/16 Activists Around the World are RISING to #StopYazidiGenocide; Eve interviews Nadia Murad for TIME
08/01/16 Join the Campaign. #StopYazidiGenocide Images of Solidarity Coming in from Around the Globe!
07/15/16 One Billion Rising Coordinators Hold Global Meeting in Croatia
07/13/16 Sign the Pledge, Stand With the Movement for Black Lives
07/07/16 One Billion Rising Stands in Solidarity with Bangladesh and Iraq
05/25/16 Eve's Birthday Wish - Turn Pain to Power to Planting, Support a Collective of City of Joy Graduates
05/24/16 Activist Tickets Available to Eve's "In the Body of the World" at A.R.T.
05/24/16 OBR Activists in Gambia RISE Against Civil Rights Violations
05/07/16 Onna Lebeau Writes About Her Experience Performing "Crooked Braid", Mother's Day V-Card, Quartz Covers V-Day Taconic Performance at a Men's Prison
04/26/16 Rise to End Rape Culture By Monique Wilson, Eve Profiles Yezidi Activist Nadia Murad for TIME's "The 100 Most Influential People" Issue
04/12/16 Eve's In The Body of The World To Premiere at ART; Incarcerated & Formerly Incarcerated Women and Actors Perform The Vagina Monologues in NYC
03/23/16 Greetings From Bukavu, City of Joy Featured in TIME, Eve to Speak on College Campuses
03/08/16 RISE on International Women's Day!
03/04/16 The Revolution Escalates, Rising 2016 Photo Essay
02/19/16 OBR 2016, A Letter from Eve
02/15/16 More #Rise4Revolution 2016: Listen, Act, Rise!
02/14/16 Witness the World RISING! Trended in Germany, Italy, Philippines & Somalia
02/12/16 Philippines Rising, Dhaka & Davao Risings Viewable On
02/10/16 Share Your Call for Revolution, Watch Global Risings Via Livestream, Rising Revolution Video Series Continues
02/06/16 The Revolution Escalates 2016 Press Release, Documenting the Revolution
02/03/16 Join the #Rise4Revolution Thunderclap; Rise Dance Disrupt! New Piece by Eve Ensler; Bodies of Revolution Video Series Continues
01/21/16 Building the Revolution Around the World!
12/22/15 2015 was a Revolutionary Year - Experience it via our Annual Report
12/14/15 As the Year Draws to a Close, Updates from City of Joy & V-World Farm
12/10/15 "Bodies of Revolution" Video Clips Released for International Human Rights Day
12/2/15 #SayHerName Activists Frances Garrett Joins Bodies of Revolution Event This Saturday, 5 Dec in NYC; Global Rising Updates
11/25/15 OBR Launches During 16 Days of Activism, President of Gambia Bans FGM, A New Road to V-World Farm, Actors RISE in Mexico
11/23/15 Fartuun Adan Honored Alongside Daughter Ilwad Elman, Rising Against APEC In Manila, Bodies Of Revolution In NYC
11/7/15 Join Us in NYC 12/5 - Bodies of Revolution: Women Rise Against the Violence of Police, States & Empire
11/3/15 Cuba Is Rising! The Vagina Monologues Debuts In Havana, Rising At The Asian Conference Of Women's Shelters
10/16/15 Monique Wilson In NYC Monday, Eve Interview with Yanar Mohammed of OWFI
10/9/15 Monique Wilson US Speaking Tour, Rising Revolution Videos, Dalit Women Fight Continues Their Tour
10/2/15 Stage a Benefit Event in 2016 - V-Season is Now Open for Registration!
9/17/15 #DalitWomenFight North American Tour, Global Coordinators Send Updates from New Mexico & Bangladesh
9/12/15 Rise for Climate Justice, Eve Honored at Absolute Brightness Off-Broadway, & Her Story Webseries
8/27/15 Activists Reflect On The Tenth Anniversary Of The Storm
7/30/15 Announcing 15 Sept Event in Brussels - "Congolese Women Rising", #SayHerName Report Rereleased
7/16/15 Eve's New Piece On Bill Cosby In TIME, City of Joy's Marie-Jeanne M'bachu's Vision For The Women Of Congo
7/8/15 Calling All Risers - Create Your Own "Break the Chain" Dance!
6/11/15 Seventh Class Graduates from City of Joy in DRC! Update From PWCE Center in Afghanistan
5/14/15 #SayHerName Vigil May 20th in NYC, Revolutionary Women's Court Held In The Balkans
5/7/15 V-Day Taconic Benefit for Incarcerated Women Friday in NYC, Rise for Nepal, Mother's Day e-Card and Update on Mary Jane Veloso
4/29/15 RISING FUND for Nepal
4/5/15 Global Activists Demand the Release of Our Sisters in China
4/1/15 STORIES OF TRANSFORMATION: City of Joy & V-World Farm, My Revolution, One Billion Rising Revolution Reports
3/7/15 THE REVOLUTION CONTINUES: International Women's Day, Link TV, Rise for the Raise!
2/23/15 One Billion Rising Activists Around the World Escalate Their Actions - Calling for Revolution - to Decisively Demand an End to Violence Against Women and Girls Everywhere
2/15/15 Rising for Revolution, Day 2
2/13/15 The Revolution is On!
2/12/15 The Revolution Is Beginning! RISINGS Start Across the Planet
2/7/15 ARTISTIC UPRISING, State of Female Revolution (Just Added). ATTEND or WATCH Live Online
2/5/15 RISING Revolution Gaining Momentum, RISE for the Raise ACTION, Eve on The View & Christine on CNN
1/22/15 SNEAK PEEK - Look Who's ARTISTIC upRISING in NYC!
1/19/15 IN THE NEWS: "The Vagina Monologues" & the Fight Against Transphobia
1/17/15 ARTISTIC UPRISING: Come See These Amazing Performers & Activists
1/2/15 GET YOUR TICKETS for the ARTISTIC UPRISING in NYC, 7 February!
12/30/14 Looking Back on an Incredible Year and Looking Forward to REVOLUTION!
12/23/14 "Building to OBR Revolution" Series Continues with Jessica Montoya & Sohini Chakraborty
12/20/14 SAVE THE DATE: 7 February in NYC, Join Us For An Artistic Uprising
12/18/14 2014 Was A Transformative Year! Experience it via our Annual Report
12/6/14 V-Activist Discount For Eve's New Play "O.P.C." at American Repertory Theater
12/2/14 #GivingTuesday! New Series Launch - Building to One Billion Rising Revolution
11/26/14 IN GRATITUDE: Celebrating the Power of Love
11/26/14 North Carolina Surfers "Paddle Out" for One Billion Rising
11/25/14 In Solidarity with Ferguson
11/20/14 Share YOUR Revolution! New Video from Thandie Newton, OBR Tunisia, Climbing PoeTree, & Eve
11/13/14 Rise for the Raise TOMORROW: Storm Twitter with Your #NotOnTheMenu Stories
11/7/14 The Revolution Is Beginning Around The World
10/13/14 TOMORROW, October 14 is the National Day of Action to Support One Fair Wage!
10/10/14 Saturday in NYC: Kimberlé Crenshaw to Moderate Town Hall Hearing: Breaking Silence - A Hearing on Girls of Color
10/3/14 RISE for a FAIR WAGE! National Day of Action October 14 to Support One Fair Wage
9/23/14 Stage an Event in 2015 - V-Registration Is Open!
9/19/14 THIS SUNDAY in NYC: People's Climate March - NEW MEET-UP LOCATION!
9/15/14 ONE BILLION RISING: REVOLUTION Announced, #RISE4REVOLUTION in 2015! NEW Short Film Released
9/11/14 RISE w/ Eve & OBR at The People's Climate March on Sunday, 21 September, in NYC!
9/3/14 Our OWFI Sisters In Iraq Need Your Urgent Support
8/6/14 Emotional Creature Opens Today in Cape Town!
7/15/14 RISE for Peace and an Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza
6/20/14 RISING FUND Appeal for our Sisters Under Siege in Iraq
6/13/14 Happy Father's Day!
6/9/14 JUST RELEASED: Inspirational One Billion Rising For Justice Video From Sudan!; V-Board Member Jane Fonda Receives the 42nd AFI Life Achievement Award
5/30/14 Monique Wilson Update From Global Coordinator Summit in Rome
5/20/14 City of Joy Update: Fifth Class Graduates!
5/10/14 "Make A Resounding Rising Noise" on Mother's Day #BringBackOurGirls
5/8/14 TAKE ACTION: #BringBackOurGirls; We Rise With Our Mothers!
5/2/14 RISE For Our Sisters in Nigeria
5/1/14 RISE4JUSTICE: Christine Schuler Deschryver In Conversation w/ Eve (May 13, NYC)
4/22/14 Los Monólogos de la Vagina Coming To Off-Broadway's Westside Theatre!
4/11/14 V-Leadership in Kabul, Afghanistan!
3/26/14 It's Awards Season in V-World!
3/14/14 Update from Eve in Bukavu
3/11/14 V-MEN LAUNCHES in Bukavu, DRC!
3/7/14 THANK YOU! From the One Billion Rising Global Coordinators on International Women's Day
2/28/14 The RISING Continues!
2/18/14 THIS is what JUSTICE looks like!
2/13/14 World is RISING - Follow the Action LIVE!
2/12/14 P!NK IS DANCING AND RISING WITH US! Voices, Dance & Music for Justice! Eve & Monique; Calpernia & more
2/7/14 Next Week, We RISE for JUSTICE
2/5/14 We Want To Hear From You: WHAT DID DANCING DO?
1/30/14 Two Weeks until #1BillionRising! Letter from Eve
1/25/14 In Three Weeks We RISE!
1/21/14 Are You DANCING on 14 February?; JUST ANNOUNCED: JustLove Featuring Eve Ensler, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Danielle LaPorte & more on 2/14 in NYC!; GET YOUR MERCH ON TIME! Deadlines for Orders Coming Up!
1/17/14 READ new Congo Rising blogs; SUNDANCE is RISING!
1/14/14 Dear Risers...A Note From Our Global Coordinators
1/8/14 JUST in! Rise4Justice Blog Series from Southern Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Kenya & NY
1/1/14 We Invite You to Envision & RISE for Justice in 2014!
12/31/13 Happiest RISING New Year! With your generous support, V-Day ROSE to extraordinary heights in 2013!
12/20/13 It's Been an Incredible Year in V-Day
12/11/13 We Are Rising at Sundance! ONE BILLION RISING Short Accepted!
12/7/13 Eve & Monique Visit India and Nepal on ONE BILLION RISING FOR JUSTICE Tour!
12/3/13 It's #GivingTuesday. Whatever You Do Today, Plan to Give!
11/27/13 With Thanks, We Share Our 2013 Annual Report - One Billion Rising!
11/22/13 THANK YOU V-Day Activists for Helping the Philippines - Together, We've Raised $203,655 So Far!
11/19/13 V-Day Welcomes Kimberlé Crenshaw & Wendy Schmidt to the V-Board
11/12/13 We RISE for the Philippines - Join Us & Stand With Our Sisters & Brothers
11/5/13 NEW City of Joy Website Launches!
10/30/13 State of Female Justice in NYC; V-Day/SAFER Release Report on U.S Campus Sexual Assault Policies
10/24/13 RISE4JUSTICE in NYC - Three Great Events Coming Up!
10/16/13 Rise4Justice Series Continues with Dr. Denis Mukwege in Conversation with Eve in NYC:
- Thursday, November 7: The State of Female Justice in America
- Tuesday, October 29: Dr. Denis Mukwege in Conversation with Eve Ensler - Special $10 Activist Rate Available!
- Don't Miss this Saturday, Eve at the Save Minisink & The Black Dirt Farms Rally
10/11/13 Happy Day of the Girl! South Africa Will RISE For Justice
10/7/13 The World Rises for Justice: OBR Website Expands! Share What Justice Looks Like to You, and MORE!
10/4/13 Watch Live Online: Malalai & Eve This Saturday; #IdleNoMore Day of Action This Monday!
10/1/13 This Saturday in NYC: Malalai Joya in Conversation with Eve Ensler - Special $10 Activist Rate Available!
9/30/13 V-Season 2014 is Here! Stage an Event!
9/20/13 Tickets On Sale: Rise4Justice Speakers Series: Malalai Joya & Dr. Mukwege w/ Eve Ensler in NYC
9/4/13 V-Day Statement Against Possible U.S. Military Intervention in Syria
9/3/13 Eve's Update From City of Joy: "The women will rise."
8/21/13 Rise 4 Justice in Afghanistan: Malalai Joya & Eve Issue Joint Statement
8/7/13 Have YOU Signed Up To RISE For Justice?
7/7/13 One Billion Rising 2014 Announced! Join Us - RISE for Justice!
6/18/13 Join Us - NYC event: CITY OF JOY: The Story of Women Turning Pain to Power to Planting
6/14/13 Happy Fathers Day! New V-Men Column by Rob Okun
6/11/13 Eve's Tour Concludes, Thank You Activists!
5/24/13 V-Day Supports LGBT Asylum Support Task Force
5/17/13 Support Our Syrian Sisters in Lebanon; RISING Blog Extended
5/10/13 We Rise With Our Mothers!; Don't Forget: Check out Eve Ensler on Her U.S. Book Tour
5/3/13 WATCH: Eve Ensler on NBC's TODAY; RISING Blog Series Continues
4/26/13 We RISE for Workers in Bangladesh
4/23/13 UPDATE from City of Joy - Third Class Graduates!
4/16/13 Eve Kicks Off 19-City U.S. Book Tour for "In the Body of the World"
4/11/13 RISING Blog Series: Farmworkers, European Women's Lobby & V-Day Staff
3/29/13 PRE-ORDER Eve Ensler's New Book, In The Body Of The World!
3/26/13 WATCH ONLINE TONIGHT: Breaking The Male Code: After Steubenville, A Call To Action
3/21/13 TUESDAY IN NYC: Breaking The Male Code: After Steubenville, A Call To Action, w/ Peter Buffett, Jimmie Briggs, Joe Ehrmann, Tony Porter, Dave Zirin, Moderated by Eve
3/19/13 Experience the Rising from the Inside Out - New RISING Blog Series Begins Today
3/8/13 V-Day Celebrates You Today; Eve & Prosecutor Bensouda #Rise2EndImpunity
3/6/13 Dear All... A Letter From Eve in Congo
2/28/13 We ROSE for VAWA & It PASSED!
2/26/13 U.S. College Students, Parents & Alumnae: RISE - THIS IS THE MOMENT
2/23/13 Send In Your RISING Video & Photos For Our Documentary Project!
2/20/13 Thank You ONE BILLION RISING For Rocking The World
2/19/13 Rise for Vawa
2/13/13 TV Rising, Your Rising Checklist
2/10/13 We Are At the Precipice, TAKE the One Billion Rising Pledge
2/6/13 In 7 Days, 1 Billion Will Rise - A Video Message from Eve
2/4/13 SHOW the world what ONE BILLION RISING looks like! Document/Share your RISING!
1/30/13 Two Weeks Until We RISE!
1/25/13 MenRISE: WATCH the "Man Prayer"
1/21/13 "RISE above" - Celebrating MLK
1/17/13 In 4 Weeks the RISING Will Begin!
1/12/13 In Five Weeks the World will RISE!
1/8/13 LEARN the Steps - BREAK THE CHAIN!
1/1/13 Why I RISE...Words to Inspire
12/27/12 SHARE YOUR PLANS: The World wants to know how YOU are RISING!
12/22/12 Update from Eve on the Path to One Billion
12/20/12 The Path To One Billion - V-Day's 2012 Annual Report
12/13/12 The Dalai Lama is Rising with Us!; V-Gifts: Anne Hathaway's tank, Marisols & more
11/29/12 NYC Event - EMERGENCY: CONGO, Update from Eve
11/26/12 WATCH Eve on Democracy NOW!; The State of Female America is TONIGHT
11/23/12 Meet the Women Behind The State of Female America 11/27!
11/21/12 Eve Ensler: I Write From the Sky Between Mexico City & Guatemala City
11/16/12 Dr. Christiane Northrup is RISING!; NYC Events & New V-Men Column
11/15/12 Emotional Creature Opens; Sandy Relief; & Female America
11/10/12 Please Help Out! V-Day Creates the Sandy Response Fund
11/9/12 Audiences Love Emotional Creature!
11/6/12 NYC EVENT! The State of Female America 11/27
11/3/12 Get Out the Vote 2012
10/31/12 Update on Dr. Mukwege, Emotional Creature Resumes Tonight
10/25/12 Bring Your School to Emotional Creature!
10/16/12 Countdown to Emotional Creature - Special Discount Tix for You!
10/10/12 15th V-Season Kicks Off; Stage an Event in your Community or College
9/28/12 "I Am Rising..." Video Series Launches, Shoot Your Own!
9/24/12 One Billion Rising Escalates, 160 Countries, Over 5,000 Organizations, New Short Film & Website!
9/20/12 Dr. Mukwege, Godfather of V-Men, Puts Out a Call to Men
9/12/12 Sparks Are Still Flying - More Feedback and Inspiration From the V-Day Africa Summit!
9/6/12 When Sparks Fly - Updates From The V-Day Africa Summit
8/21/12 #ReasonToRise: "Dear Mr. Akin, I Want You to Imagine..."
8/15/12 #ReasonToRise - Join the Pussy Riot Global Day of Action FRIDAY
8/6/12 Eve Update from Bukavu; Gabrielle Roth on ONE BILLION RISING; New Photos & Videos
7/27/12 Make It Happen - Get the Real VAWA Passed!; JOIN V-Day & CODEPINK: Bring Your Vagina To The RNC!
7/3/12 NEW GALLERY: V-Day Benefit Sunday Supper & One Billion Rising Bay Area!
6/29/12 WATCH ONLINE TODAY: Eve Ensler Keynote Speech at NOW Conference
6/28/12 Special Ticket Offer for "Emotional Creature"; New V-Girls Video!
6/22/12 See What Happened In Michigan When Vaginas Took Back the Capitol!
6/18/12 #sayvagina/Michigan Update! Eve on "The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell" TONIGHT on MSNBC
6/16/12 TVM at the Michigan Capitol Alert
6/15/12 FATHER'S DAY IS THIS SUNDAY! Send A V-Card; NEW V-Men Column
6/12/12 See Emotional Creature with Rosario Dawson & Jane Fonda on June 24th
6/6/12 UPDATE: 142 Countries and RISING!; VAWA TAKE ACTION
5/21/12 Paging all V-Men!; "Emotional Creature" Cast & Creative Crew Announced
5/11/12 V-Day Mother's Day Challenge; V-Gifts for Your V-Mom!
5/8/12 See "Emotional Creature" in Berkeley; Stop Rape in Conflict Campaign Launches
4/25/12 JUST ANNOUNCED! Performance of "Emotional Creature" & Sunday Supper with Eve & Cast!
4/18/12 Let the Movement Speak; New Site Launches
3/26/12 One Billion Rising Tumblr Launches
3/19/12 V-Day Celebrates the Life of Lyn Lusi
3/19/12 V-Season 2012 in Full Swing
3/6/12 Members of the European Parliament Perform "The Vagina Monologues"!
2/28/12 See Inside City of Joy Graduation - New Photos and more!
2/14/12 What does ONE BILLION RISING look like?
2/10/12 V-Season Updates - Eve on the Road & TV, Occupy Wall Street meets V-Day!, and more
2/2/12 City of Joy Celebrates First Graduating Class!
1/25/12 City of Joy Celebrates First Graduating Class
1/12/12 HAITI: Two Years After The Earthquake
1/10/12 TAKE ACTION: Support Libyan Women!
1/6/12 V-Special Report on Women Candidates in Egypt; Salma Hayek Receives Legion of Honor; V-Day Named High-Impact Nonprofit By Philanthropedia
1/4/12 MAKE A STATEMENT IN 2012! Eve's "Over It" Piece Added to V-Day Events
12/29/11 Through Your Generosity, Vevolution is possible!
12/21/11 JUST OUT! French Translation of "I Am An Emotional Creature"; VIEW: Thandie Newton Talks City of Joy on CNN
12/16/11 V-Day Congo Director Named "Woman of the Year"; London Events for City of Joy & V-Girls; Still Time to Order V-Gifts!
12/15/11 New CDC Report: 1 in 5 Women Sexually Assaulted; Campus Accountability Project Winter Break Challenge Begins!
12/9/11 NEW V-Card's Available, Check Out Eve in the News & Take Action for VAWA!
12/1/11 V-Girls Site By Girls For Girls; New V-Card for the Holidays!
11/23/11 With Thanks, We Announce our 2011 Annual Report - Viva Vevolution!
11/11/11 We are OVER IT this week! V-Statement on Facebook Rape Pages, Commentary on Paterno, and more
11/9/11 NEW: Part 3 of Eve's OWS Series, Special offers from Berkeley Rep and Vosges
10/31/11 V-Girls Revolution Takes Hold in Johannesburg, Paris & NYC - Next stop Berkeley!
10/19/11 Eve Honored At Two Upcoming Events; Watch Women, War & Peace
10/12/11 A Look At V-Day's Work In Kenya; Eve's NEW HuffPo Series
10/6/11 A Message from Malalai Joya; Volunteer Opportunities in NYC!
10/5/11 V-Day 2012 Launch
9/30/11 EVE AT GRACE: Sold Out Crowd RISES UP!
9/12/11 Don't Miss V-Events in Paris, San Francisco and NYC! Sussan Deyhim to join Eve at Grace Cathedral
8/31/11 Emotional Creatures Rising Up In Paris; V-Girls Refuser March to Take Place in Johannesburg on October 15
8/26/11 V-DAY LAUNCHES V-REPORT; NEW V-Men Column!
8/5/11 Eve to Speak at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco - Tickets on Sale Now!
7/21/11 The Theatrical Journey of "Emotional Creature" Begins in South Africa - Workshop Production Opens to Sold-Out Crowds!
7/8/11 "Emotional Creature" Workshop Productions in Johannesburg and Paris; Read Eve's Commentary on DSK
6/17/11 FATHER'S DAY IS THIS SUNDAY!! Celebrate Your V-Man With A V-Card!
6/13/11 Eve Ensler Receives the 2011 Isabelle Stevenson Tony Award!
6/7/11 New Book and Column from V-Men; Democracy Now Interview; and Thank You VIVA VEVOLUTION! Sponsors
5/27/11 Join Pat Mitchell for an evening with Eve Ensler at the Paley Center on June 1st
5/20/11 CALLING ALL V-GIRLS! Help Us Set The Stage for I Am An Emotional Creature & V-Girls in South Africa!
5/12/11 Eve is OVER it, Read Why
5/6/11 NEW "Dialogues with Daugthers" Series launches for Mother's Day, Send a V-Card in Honor of Your Mother!
4/28/11 VIVA VEVOLUTION - V-Day NYC Benefit & Eve's Birthday - June 8th
4/22/11 New Photos from V-Day's Haiti Visit
4/11/11 City of Joy Featured in The Guardian Newspaper; See Malalai Joya and Eve in NYC this Friday
4/6/11 Eve to Receive the 2011 Isabelle Stevenson Tony Award!, Eve on Tour in Chicago This Sunday
4/4/11 New City of Joy Photos by Paula Allen; Malalai Joya Event in NYC with Eve
3/23/11 Watch Eve on Tavis Smiley on Your Local PBS Station!
3/20/11 Give Aid to Japan; Speak Up in Support of Malalai Joya NOW
3/14/11 "Swimming Upstream" Coming to Baton Rouge, Santa Fe, and Houston - Beginning Tonight in Baton Rouge!
3/8/11 Happy International Women's Day!
3/2/11 Eve Begins Tour for the Paperback Release of "I Am An Emotional Creature"!
2/14/11 Happy V-Day from Eve
2/11/11 V-Day Celebrates the Opening of City of Joy
2/1/11 V-Season 2011 Begins - Attend an Event in Your Community or College!
1/12/11 One Year Anniversary of the Haiti Earthquake: How You Can Help Women in Haiti!
1/1/11 Happy New Year From V-Day!
12/28/10 Your Gift Will Turn Pain to Power
12/23/10 V-Day Update from Peru; Send a Holiday V-Card!
12/17/10 Give to V-Day, Build the Movement: A Message from Eve
12/1/10 Op-Ed from Eve for World Aids Day; Campus Accountability Project Launches Winter Break Challenge
11/24/10 V-Thanks, Eve's First Trip Back to Congo - Read Her HufPo Piece
11/10/10 Eve Picks Most Powerful Feminists for Forbes, Mayo Clinic Doctors in Congo
11/1/10 In Memoriam: Diana Gonzalez; Watch Eve's Latest Speech; Pakistan Update
10/25/10 Watch Eve Live Online Tomorrow at The Women's Conference
10/15/10 Eve To Receive Breakthrough's Inspiration Award
10/1/10 JOIN EVE For Two Events in NYC; NEW V-Men Column by Kevin Knight
9/28/10 Registration for V-Day 2011 Launches
9/11/10 "Swimming Upstream" Receives Raves in New Orleans, Next Stop - The Apollo Theater in NYC!
9/3/10 Pakistan Flood Relief Update
8/27/10 Commemorating Katrina, Celebrating the Gulf South: An Update from Katrina Warriors
8/24/10 Win 2 Tickets to "Swimming Upstream" as Tony Award Winner LaChanze Joins Cast
8/17/10 PAKISTAN DISASTER RELIEF: Help Us Keep Women and Their Families Safe
8/4/10 I-VAWA Actions Steps & Upcoming Events
7/31/10 Eve and MTV Launch Emotional Creature Creative Spots!
7/27/10 New Orleans Tickets for Swimming Upstream On Sale NOW, 25% Discount Offer Ends 8/1
7/16/10 Special Performances of SWIMMING UPSTREAM feat. Kerry Washington & New Orleans Cast in New Orleans and the Apollo in NYC
6/18/10 Send a V-Card for Father's Day!
6/13/10 A Personal Message From Eve
6/4/10 Thank You V-Day Activists!
5/25/10 City of Joy Update; Congo Director Brings The Vagina Monologues to the DRC
5/6/10 V-Day Featured On Postage Stamps in France, Send a Mother's Day V-Card!
4/23/10 V-Day Performances in the Congo; Good Housekeeping Honors Eve
3/26/10 New Columns from V-Men and Eve, New Video from V-Day's LA Luncheon
3/8/10 Happy International Women's Day!
2/23/10 See Eve in DC tomorrow at Busboys & Poets
2/12/10 Gabourey Sidibe & Teen Girls Kick Off V-Day's Annual LA Luncheon
2/8/10 Eve's Newest Work, I Am an Emotional Creature, Out Tomorrow; as V-Girls Launches!
2/3/10 Help for Haiti - Update on V-Day's Haiti Rescue Fund
1/27/10 DON'T MISS Rosario Dawson Directing Eve's Newest Work, Buy Your Tickets Now!
1/22/10 2010 V-Season Events & Campaigns Announced - JOIN US!
1/19/10 In Memoriam: Haitian Feminist Leader Myriam Merlet
1/14/10 V-Day Initiates Haiti Rescue Fund
1/11/10 INVITE: V-Day Benefit Reading of Eve Ensler's Newest work, directed by Rosario Dawson
1/8/10 Esther Chavez; New V-Men column
12/30/09 Eve in Congo, Dec 31 Last Day To Make '09 Tax-Deductible Donation, Happy New Year
12/22/09 Eve Update from Bukavu, Last-minute Holiday Gifts
12/22/09 Save the Date 2/5/10! Reading of Eve's Newest Work
12/17/09 Recap from Recent Events
12/15/09 Give The Gift Of V-Day for the Holidays!
12/1/09 Eve's HufPo piece on Pakistan, Campus Accountability Project launches
11/25/09 With thanks, Give to the City of Joy! New gift registry online
11/3/09 NEW Kenya Image Gallery & V-Day Merchandise
10/22/09 Eve Named Best Leader 2009!, Gov Schwarzenegger Restores Funding
10/12/09 Join Eve TOMORROW in NYC for Military Rape Awareness Week!
10/7/09 Registration for V-Day 2010 Launches - Produce a V-Benefit!
10/2/09 Update: Larry King Live Segment Cancelled
10/2/09 Eve Discusses Roman Polanski on Huffington Post & Larry King Live
8/19/09 Update from Eve in Kenya, On Hillary Clinton's Visit to the DRC
8/13/09 V-Day Congo Director Christine Schuler Deschryver on Meeting with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
8/10/09 New V-Moment: Voices of Grassroots Congolese Women on the Crisis in the DRC
6/30/09 Read Eve's Op-Ed in The Washington Post
6/25/09 Congo Update from Eve
6/19/09 Celebrate Your Father With A V-Card
6/16/09 V-Day Events in Kinshasa
5/26/09 New V-Moment and more!
5/19/09 Stockard Channing Joins O.P.C, cast announced for May 29th Benefit Reading in LA
5/14/09 Eve Testifies Before U.S Senate & Stockard Channing Joins O.P.C
5/6/09 Celebrate Your Mother With A V-Card for Mother's Day!
5/1/09 Exclusive One Night Reading Of Eve Ensler's New Play O.P.C.
4/22/09 'Turning Pain To Power' Tour Continues at V-Day Zagreb
4/10/09 April 11-12 Marks the One-Year Anniversary of V TO THE TENTH!
4/3/09 V-Day Activist Reports from 'Turning Pain to Power' tour in France
3/31/09 Turning Pain to Power Tour continues in Europe!
3/8/09 Happy International Women's Day!
3/6/09 V-Day's 'TURNING PAIN TO POWER Tour' Concludes!
2/22/09 Send a Message of Solidarity to the Women of Congo
2/17/09 Happy V-Day 2009!
2/17/09 V-Day's Turning Pain To Power Tour -- DO NOT MISS this opportunity -- Feb 23rd Carter Center
2/6/09 BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW - Very Special Fundraiser with Eve Ensler at City Arts & Jardiniere!
2/4/09 Two V-Ticket Offers -- Congo Tour & Jane Fonda On Broadway
2/2/09 Join Eve Ensler in Atlanta February 23rd at the Carter Center
1/23/09 Eve and Dr. Mukwege on NPR TOMORROW!
1/19/09 Join Eve Ensler in San Francisco February 19th at City Arts & Jardiniere
1/14/09 'Turning Pain to Power' North American Speaking Tour
12/19/08 Give To The World By Giving To V-Day
12/17/08 Dr. Mukwege and Eve Tour US in February
11/26/08 V-Day Founder Eve Ensler Shares What She's Grateful For
11/20/08 Swimming Upstream Returns to New Orleans
11/4/08 V IS FOR VOTE!
10/31/08 V-Mail Flash: Eve Ensler's Op-Ed on Congo
10/30/08 Public Awareness of DRC Campaign Strengthens
10/17/08 Breaking The Silence Events featured in The New York Times
10/15/08 V TO THE TENTH Update
10/6/08 V-Day 2009 Launches
9/25/08 Women Break the Silence in DRC, Eve Update from Bukavu
9/19/08 Women Break the Silence in Democratic Republic of Congo!
9/17/08 Ten Year Old Girl Dies from FGM
8/7/08 V-Day Summer Updates
6/11/08 Happy Father's Day from V-Day
5/8/08 Give a V-Card for Mother's Day
5/1/08 Photo and Video from V TO THE TENTH
4/3/08 L Word Cast Joins V TO THE TENTH
3/19/08 Violence Against Women In Iraq Continues
3/11/08 V-Day Spends International Women's Day in New Orleans!
2/14/08 Happy V-Day From Eve
2/13/08 Eve Ensler and Jane Fonda On the TODAY show THIS V-DAY!
2/1/08 Eve's Speaking Tour Starts TODAY!
1/23/08 Celebrate V To The Tenth in NYC
1/11/08 V-Day in LA, Dr. Mukwege on 60 Minutes This Sunday
1/9/08 Happy V-Season 2008!
1/7/08 V-Day Kenya Update
12/19/07 February 14, 2008: Save the Date!
12/18/07 Congo Update from Eve Ensler
12/13/07 V-Victories and Action Steps
12/10/07 Congo Update from Eve Ensler
12/5/07 Give a V-Gift for the Holidays!
11/27/07 Oprah Winfrey Joins V to the Tenth
11/20/07 A Note of Thanks from Eve
9/26/07 Bring V-Day 2008 to Your College or Community for V-Day's Tenth Anniversary!
9/6/07 Reclaiming Peace In Sarajevo, NYC Event Reminder
8/28/07 Attend this NYC Event: Ending Femicide in the DRC
8/6/07 End Sexual Violence in Democratic Republic of Congo
8/2/07 House Approves 'Comfort Women' Measure
7/16/07 Support Women in Iraq
6/28/07 Don't Miss These V-Day Events!
6/14/07 V-Day June, July Events
6/5/07 Support Afghanistan's Malalai Joya
5/31/07 Join Eve Monday Night in NYC!
5/24/07 A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and A Prayer Benefit Readings
5/9/07 Send V-Cards for Mother's Day
5/8/07 You Can Help Native Women
4/19/07 Eve's Letter From Haiti
4/2/07 Reclaiming Peace, A V-Mail On The War in Iraq
3/28/07 V-Day Safe House Victories In South Dakota, Kenya, and Miami!
3/9/07 Eve on TODAY Show Friday, March 9
3/8/07 Happy International Women's Day!
3/2/07 V-Day News
2/14/07 Happy V-Day from Eve
2/7/07 V-Cards For Valentine's Day
1/23/07 March with Eve in D.C. This Saturday
12/14/06 Give V-Cards This Season
12/1/06 Reminder: NYC Event - A Conversation with Eve Ensler and Dr. Denis Mukwege
11/20/06 NYC Invitation: "Healing the Wounds of War" With Eve Ensler and Dr. Denis Mukwege
11/17/06 SAVE THE DATE 12/1/06! NYC Event With Eve Ensler, Dr. Denis Mukwege
11/14/06 Give to the World by Giving to V-Day
9/29/06 V-Mail Flash: Eve Ensler's First Non-Fiction Book "Insecure At Last: Losing It In Our Security-Obses
9/26/06 Bring V-Day 2007 to Your College or Community!
9/15/06 V-Mail: September News & Updates
8/16/06 Eve Ensler's "The Treatment" Opens In NYC