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Announcing Women Workers Rising Website & Call for Stories


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On 8 March, working women from multiple sectors rallied at the United States Department of Labor in a show of unity, demanding that women workers be seen, heard, and treated with dignity. The energetic and artistic event gave birth to the ongoing Women Workers Rising initiative dedicated to amplifying our demands for end to workplace violence and harassment and to promote pay equity, one fair living wage, paid leave, and labor rights at work. The coalition has just launched a new website, an online platform lifting up women workers across the wider resistance narrative featuring videos, images, social media content, upcoming events and actions and more.

Call for Stories for our Next Large Artistic Activism Undertaking

RISEmeme_Instagram3[1].jpgIf a single story has the power to change our hearts and minds, our collective stories have the potential to change the course of history. Imagine the stories of women nurses, teachers, restaurant workers, domestic workers, retail workers, garment workers, farmers, and more shared together, in communities around the world with a collective message; a demand for safe, fair, equitable and dignified places of work.

By creating a living archive of voices of women workers we hope to capture and share the fullest version of the collective story, so we encourage all women (cis, transgender, and gender non-conforming) to share their stories of the experiences of women workers and their struggle for justice in the workplace. Stories that address the need to end workplace violence, pay inequality, unfair labor practices and paid leave policies, and lack of access to a livable wage, as well as stories of joy, celebration, pride, and success in the workplace.

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