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The Revolution is Beginning Around the World


NEW BLOGS in from the global coordinators about Rise For Revolution 2015 launch events in...

Guadalajara, Mexico
"Our motto will be: Move yourself and the World will Move with you!" – Andrés Naime, OBR Coordinator, Mexico

Kathmandu, Nepal
"The Power of Love, not love of power" Rising against patriarchy, and Rising FOR democracy, socialism and secularism for women's equality.

"Together we are saying again, in and with full force: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I cannot bear to see another woman get killed, or disappear to feel so broken due to some form of violence – and we do nothing. Eve's presence and our involvement in One Billion Rising sparked courage…The women of Guyana are speaking – and our voice WILL grow stronger." – Dianne Madray, OBR Coordinator, Caribbean

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