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Join Eve TOMORROW in NYC for Military Rape Awareness Week!


Join Eve TOMORROW in NYC for Military Rape Awareness Week!

Due to the incredible epidemic of rape in the military in which 1 in 3 women in the military have been raped or sexually assaulted, Veterans for Peace, a national veterans organization, has designated October 12-16 as "Military Rape Awareness Week."

Eve Ensler will join Veterans for Peace on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 13th for a "Military Rape Awareness Week" public action:

WHO: Ann Wright, Colonel, 29 year veteran of the U.S. Army and U.S. Army Reserves; Leah Bolger, retired U.S. Navy Commander and National Vice President of Veterans for Peace; Sandra Lee, U.S. Army soldier survivor of sexually assault while in the military; Eve Ensler, Founder/Artistic Director of V-Day, the worldwide movement to end violence against women and girls.

WHAT: Veterans for Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Granny Peace Brigade, Codepink: Women for Peace, World Can't Wait, Artists Response Team, We Will Not Be Silent, and V-Day will warn potential women recruits at the Armed Forces Recruiting Station in Times Square about the alarming rates of sexual assault and rape of women in the military.

WHEN: 10:30am ET, Tuesday, October 13

WHERE: In front of the Armed Forces Recruiting Station, Times Square, Broadway and 42nd, New York City

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Read V-Day Congo Director Christine Schuler Deschryver's piece in Newsweek "My Turn: Hillary's Good Start"

Since 1998 hundreds of thousands of Congolese women and children have been raped, and more than 5 million people have died. One of the first victims of the violence was my best friend -- almost a sister -- and her husband. Her body was found mutilated with more than 100 bullet holes; her husband had been shot not far away from her. The incident occurred while they were traveling back to Goma from Kigali, Rwanda. At the time, I thought it was an isolated tragedy.

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