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Our Sisters In Nepal Need Your Urgent Support

earthquake_nepal_getty.jpgThe massive earthquake over the weekend in Nepal has left thousands of people dead, thousands more feared missing, and millions displaced and homeless. The earthquake also caused the destruction of some of Nepal’s most ancient, historical and spiritual sites.

Buildings have collapsed, communities are in shock and overwhelmed with the pressing need for food, shelter and access to medical aid, and lives are ripped apart from the loss. Aftershocks are still being felt, keeping the physical conditions on the ground very unsafe. This means that people are not going to higher floors for fear of more collapse, and that people are staying out in the open roads. Movement has proved to be a challenge because the streets are still under rubble. There are still widespread searches for loved ones who are missing and who are not accounted for, and hospitals are stretched beyond capacity.

Today we are launching the RISING FUND for Nepal. Funds raised will go to relief goods and urgent materials needs, as well as psycho-social support and eventual rehabilitation. All funds will go directly to communities affected by the earthquake, administered and facilitated by One Billion Rising Nepal groups on the ground.


“Nepal has been the site of some of the most colourful, political and cultural Risings in the last few years. Last September 2014, One Billion Rising Revolution South Asia was launched in Kathmandu, with South Asian representatives from the Sangat South Asia network in attendance, as well as so many civil society groups from all over Nepal who came and rose together to end violence against women and girls. It is heartbreaking to see images now of Nepal after the earthquake destroyed so many of its’ historical monuments, and the whose destruction has claimed the lives of thousands of Nepalese and whose rising death toll has caused so much pain and sorrow to its people. We are in touch with the many groups who have been a part of One Billion Rising Nepal and South Asia and who are leading relief efforts on the ground.

We appeal to One Billion Rising activists all over the world, to stand and rise for our sisters and brothers in Nepal - as we did for our sisters and brothers in Bangladesh when the garment factory, Rana Plaza collapsed - and in the Philippines last year, when Typhoon Haiyan devastated the city of Tacloban and neighbouring cities - with both tragedies claiming thousands of lives. Your help and solidarity provided much needed relief and support then, and we are appealing to you all once again now, to donate so that the people of Nepal can continue to Rise,” stated Monique Wilson, One Billion Rising Director.


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