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V-Day Statement on the Assassination Attempt on Dr. Denis Mukwege and Murder of his Security Guard


Violence escalated in Bukavu, DRC tonight with an assassination attempt on Dr. Denis Mukwege, cherished V-Day partner and founder of the Panzi Hospital and godfather of the V-Men's movement.  While Dr. Mukwege and his family were not harmed, combatants shot and killed his trusted security guard. Our condolences go out to the guard's family tonight.

V-Day has been in constant touch with both Dr. Mukwege and Christine Schuler Deschryver, V-Day Congo Director.   We will update you as we find out more, but Dr. Mukwege and Christine are both safe in Bukavu.

 Dr. Mukwege has collaborated with V-Day since 2007 when Eve Ensler first travelled to Congo on his invitation to witness the atrocities being committed against women and girls in Eastern Congo.  He is V-Day's  partner on City of Joy, a revolutionary leadership center for women survivors of gender violence in Congo.   Dr. Mukwege teaches at City of Joy. 

“The attempted assassination on Dr. Mukwege and the murdering of his security guard once again highlights how deadly serious the situation is in Eastern Congo.  One of the great men of the world  was almost murdered tonight.  We cannot let this continue, we must create an environment where it is safe for Dr. Muwege and all the people of Congo to live and thrive.  Let this tragedy be the call to end the war in Congo once and for all,” stated V-Day Founder/playwright Eve Ensler.