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Eve's New Piece On Bill Cosby In TIME, City of Joy's Marie-Jeanne M'bachu's Vision For The Women Of Congo


Eve Ensler on Bill Cosby: Let the Mythical Daddy Die - "Are We Finally Willing To Do What Is Necessary To Make Women Safe?"

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“No one believed my father was a battering sex abuser. He was handsome, a corporate president. He was successful, charming, a man’s man. He wore tailored suits. He played golf. He drank martinis. He was celebrated at country clubs and knew the first names of head maitre d’s at the fanciest exclusive restaurants. He was arrogant and smug the way Bill Cosby is arrogant and smug. He had an air of superiority and contempt for those who he perceived to be weak or incapable of rising the way he had risen. He set himself up as the chief moral arbiter of right and wrong in the same way that Cosby asserted himself as public moralist on issues of family values and crime. He was righteous, particularly about honesty. He was obsessed with honesty. There were many times when he would beat my head against a wall or whip me with belts for lies he imagined I had told or would one day possibly tell. I never understood why he was so angry. I think I do now. He was raging because he was caught between two competing, demanding personas, one public, one private. He was raging because his whole life was one big seething contaminating lie. A lie that was supported and nurtured by the power that men have over women, adoring and terrified colleagues, and my dependent mother. A lie that got him countless free passes, second chances, and cheeks turned.

Like my father, Bill Cosby was allegedly one thing in public, Dr. Huxtable, and another in the dark or behind closed doors…”

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City Of Joy Staff Featured In Series On African Women on Philanthropy, Change and Power

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Marie-Jeanne M'bachu, Program Manager at City of Joy, recently discussed the revolutionary model of transforming pain into power and her vision of the future for Congolese women as a participant of the strong>Ask Her Talks‬series hosted by The Stephen Lewis Foundation. ‬‬

"On 14 Feb 2014, with V-Day’s help, we opened an education center for women and young girls in Kabul, which provides free English, computer, science, and literacy courses. Also, we organized seminars on psychological therapy for women, dealing with common issues like anxiety, depression, and suicide. Furthermore there have been seminars covering issues like women’s rights in society, women’s legal rights, birth control, and other women’s health issues…"

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In Case You Missed It: We’ve put out a call to activists to create and share fresh NEW choreography for “Break The Chain”- moves that express the energy and message of ‪One Billion Rising for your communities, groups & networks.

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