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Happy V-Season 2008!



The Situation in Narok

  • This conflict started on the night the election results announced the victory of President Kibaki. Conflict between the Kikuyu, Massai and Luo's broke out throughout Kenya. In the last few days the situation has been reported as improving in Nairobi, however it is important to know that in Narok, it is getting far worse.

  • Stores are closed, there is no petrol for cars and the cost of food continues to inflate at exorbitant rates. Last week a head of lettuce was 20 shillings. It is now 150 shillings.

  • On the night of Sunday, December 30th, Massai men burned the Narok food market, a primary source of income for the mostly female members of the Kikuyu tribe. Thus, in the last few days there has been no produce available in Kenya.

  • Violence, as well, has become rampant. There have been nightly reports of Kikuyu in Narok burning Massai homes and a confirmed report of Kikuyus castrating a Luo man who later died of his injuries in Narok. Reports of sexual violence too have increased, leading to elevated concern amongst the women and girls of the region.

The Situation at the V-Day Safe House

  • As an elected official and director of the V-Day Safe House, Agnes Pareyio is at increased risked.
  • Although the center is secured by a locked gate and 24-hour guard, a person on a mission could easily penetrate the security currently in place.

  • The girls have been watching the one television station and are aware of the current situation in Kenya, the issues that they are facing and the precautions that need to be taken. Life, on a day-to-day basis is ok. As of January 2, it has been announced that school is scheduled to resume on January 15th.

  • Concerns

    We urge you to educate yourself about this situation, to tell your family, your friends, your coworkers. It is imperative that the worldwide community not turn a blind eye, and that the situation in Kenya not escalate. Kenya's stability is intrinsic to the stability of the region. We all must show international support for a peaceful conclusion to this conflict, we must pay attention now and not wait until it is too late.

    You can help the girls at the V-Day Safe House for the Girls by donating to V-Day, please visit

    To learn more about the violence in Kenya, below are links to recent news items.,8599,1699350,00.html?imw=Y

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