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V-Day Sponsor LUNA Acknowledges Five Local V-Day Events With LUNA Award


Dear V-Day Organizers,

Thank you so much for sharing your stories and V-Day experiences with LUNA. We commend all of you and the amazing work that is taking place across the country and overseas. I can't tell you how much we respect and honor your commitment to end violence against women and young girls. We share the dream of one day living in a world without abuse and violence towards women.

After reading all of your stories and envisioning each of your amazing events, I had the difficult task of choosing only 5 V-Day productions for a LUNA award. This was not an easy task by any means, and I wish I had more resources to share with all of you. You each deserve to be recognized and applauded for your hard work, creativity and commitment to V-Day and your communities.

The winners of the $1,000 cash donation are (in no specific order)...

V-Day Chicago South-West
C.C. Carter, Artistic Director

V-Day Chicago South-West has shed light on a timely issue concerning women in war, and brought it to the forefront of their production by giving "homage to the women who are so often overlooked in media sound bites and on national coverage of war - yet make up 12% of the military, 25% of the police force and 6% of firefighters. These women who endure consistent sexual harassment and discrimination serving our country and yet rarely if ever get the recognition they deserve." I commend V-Day Chicago South-West for bringing a new face to their V-Day production and saluting the WOMEN ON THE FRONTLINES! The dedication to supporting and acknowledging the thousands of women who are underrepresented is truly unique and admirable.

V-Day "New York 3"

Debbie DeLisi, Campaign Organizer

V-Day 2005 "New York 3," has creatively incorporated a V-Carnival Program in conjunction with their performance this year. Some events included in the V-Carnival are: "THESE HANDS" Creation Station, where people can trace their hand and decorate their 'creation' and then hang it on the "These Hands Don't Hurt Women, Men or Kids" Proclamation Wall; ART FAIRE/V-RAFFLE, this year in addition to artwork honoring women, they are including a compilation CD entitled "Victory" featuring local artists; RESOURCE ZONE, including brochures and literature from local crisis centers, domestic violence prevention groups, counseling resources, etc.; "24 HOURS-OF-ART"/ARTIST JAM Pre-Fundraiser, featuring poets, singers, bands, etc.

V-Day 2005 "New York 3" is dedicated to creating art while giving back to their community. This event has gone above and beyond by incorporating unique activities focused on getting their community involved with V-Day and raising additional funds.

V-Day Kansas State University

Zachary Hauser, Campaign Organizer

K-State V-Day has done an outstanding job creating V-Week on their campus and in their community. V-Week's goal is to serve "as a celebration of both the people and organizations that shout out against abuse, aid to those who have been victimized, and confront how to approach contemporary sexual equality." Some of the activities include: The Clothesline Project, featuring t-shirts created by Manhattan Crisis Center victims and others telling their stories through drawings and words. The goal is to wake up their community about the reality of abuse in violence; Documentary screening of "The Day My Dad Died," presents the stories of young girl's lives that have been shattered by the child sex trade; Vulvapalooza, and alignment of campus organizations working together to promote education, provide assistance to those willing to speak out, and to most of all give hope; S.A.F.E.R. Program (Students Active For Ending Rape), followed up with 3 productions of The Vagina Monologues.

The commitment and thoughtfulness that K-State V-Day has demonstrated is truly remarkable. They have created V-Week events and activities that bring the campus and local community together to celebrate women and V-Day's mission. Not only is K-State V-Day raising critical funds needed, they are also taking time to educate, counsel and provide support for those in need.

V-Day Dorchester

Michele Martin, Campaign Organizer

V-Day Dorchester put together a Grassroots Fundraising Team that has been working hard to raise money for the past few months. In order to offset some production costs they came up with fundraising ideas that would help ease the budget burden. During the holiday season they raised money by setting up gift-wrapping stations at local stores, and by working with local coffee shops and bakeries to donate their tips to the cause!

Other events they are working on surrounding their actual performance include: An adult themed party celebrating women and V-Day through spoken word poetry, performance art, a live auction, candlepin bowling, burlesque, and Big "O" Bingo; they are also creating "Take Back Our Streets" 5K run/walk against violence Sunday following their performance.

V-Day Dorchester has demonstrated an amazing amount of creativity when planning their events. I imagine that this event will be one not to miss in Dorchester, MA.

V-Day Metropolitan State College of Denver
Zo Williams, Campaign Organizer

V-Day Denver has truly embraced what it means to involve the community in their V-Day efforts. Spurred by the three high-profile rape cases that have hit Colorado in the past two years and how the victims were torn apart in the media and blamed for their abuses, Zo and her team are working to "erase the myths surrounding rape and sexual assault and encourage women to seek help." V-Day Denver as created a network that reaches beyond the Metropolitan State College of Denver and into two other campuses in the Denver area. This alliance has created an entire week of outreach, education and celebration surrounding their performance.

V-Day Denver will also be visiting Excelsior, a facility for young women who are generally high school age, and have backgrounds with mental illness, drug addiction, abusive families, and sexual assault. V-Day Denver will perform a monologue for the residents and staff, and then follow up with an open forum discussion. To top it off, they will have a Valentine making party with the residents. These Valentines will then be taken to local battered or homeless women's shelters.

V-Day Denver has proven that networking and joining forces within a community can heighten awareness and increase the impact of V-Day's mission.

Congratulations! Thank you for welcoming us into your productions and giving us a glimpse of your creativity and dedication. We are sincerely grateful for every V-Day Campaign and all the women and men behind each and every production. Thank you for taking a stand against violence and abuse towards women and young girls and making a difference!

Ashley Luckey
Assistant Consumer Marketing Manager