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RISE for Mothers by Supporting the Movement to End Violence Against Women and Girls


Celebrate Mother's Day by supporting the movement to end violence against women and girls. Make a donation to City of Joy or the V-Day Safe House for the Girls/Tasaru Rescue Center on behalf of your mother, friends, and loved ones, and V-Day will send the specially designed 2018 Mother's Day V-Card of your choice letting them know of your unique gift in their honor.

Send a Mother's Day card supporting City of Joy >

Send a Mother's Day card supporting the V-Day Safe House for the Girls/Tasaru Rescue Center >

To send a V-Card on the donate page, check the box next to "Would you like to send an eCard?" labeled "Yes, I would like to send a V-Day e-card," choose the design you would like to send, and fill in the rest of the information to finish designing your gift.

Give the Gift of Human Rights! Support the People of Puerto Rico

Many people on the island are lacking basic necessities. Through this continuing crisis, many in Puerto Rico are rebuilding their own communities one home at a time, one neighborhood at a time. V-Day and PR on the Map are thrilled to be joining forces to provide resources to three trusted community organizations the Puerto Rico Rising Fund, a response fund created by V-Day and PR ON THE MAP that will support youth, women and organizers in Puerto Rico as they work to take care of themselves and their community. Organizations supported include AgitArte, Feminist Collective and Boys and Girls Club of Loiza, read more about them here.

Give the gift of solidarity, by making a donation in the name of a loved one.