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Registration for V-Day 2010 Launches - Produce a V-Benefit!


Registration Opens Today for V-Day 2010 Campaign Events!

Experience the power of art and activism in action. Join V-Day and the thousands of activists at colleges and communities around the world who stage V-Day benefit productions of The Vagina Monologues -- and other artistic works licensed by V-Day -- to raise awareness and funds to end violence against women in their communities. Each year during V-Season, V-Day events take place on college campuses and in communities, theaters, churches, and cafes worldwide educating millions about the issue and raising much needed funds for local anti-violence groups.

Every year, organizers just like you have raised millions of dollars for groups working on the ground to end violence against women and girls. Sign up and make a difference in your colleges and communities!

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Bring V-Day to your city, your community, your college, your university or your high school.


Join us. Until The Violence Stops!

NEW! V-Men Workshops

V-Day invites men and boys throughout the world to join V-Day in 2010 as we launch the first phase of V-Men.

Developed by men, V-Men is a new program inviting the voices of men and boys into the worldwide movement and the dialogue about ending violence against women and girls. V-Men will work with men and boys in communities to address the issue of violence against women from a male perspective, addressing the root causes of the violence and the ways men can help end it.

Over the next year V-Day organizers will hold V-Men workshops, consisting of a PowerPoint presentation compiled by a dedicated committee of V-Men, along with an overview for hosting a workshop to engage men in a dialogue about ending violence against women. These workshops will lead to the development of a V-Men theatrical piece, scheduled to debut for V-Season 2011.

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NEW V-Men Column: "Healing Work: A Poetic Memoir" by Yolo Akili

As a little boy I watched daily as the men in my life terrorized women through acts of control, aggression, and violence. These same men also worked hard to beat out of me any expression they deemed "feminine" and "weak." Because of this I grew up with an awareness early on that something was wrong with the men in my world. It was an understanding so simple and yet so precise: These men were in pain. A lot of pain. What was this pain? Had you asked me then I would not have known.

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