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SHOW the world what ONE BILLION RISING looks like! Document/Share your RISING!


On 14 February 2013, we want to SHOW THE WORLD WHAT ONE BILLION RISING LOOKS LIKE and we need your help! SHARE your event with the world and us via social media.

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The excitement is building every minute through each new person that you've connected to with the message of ONE BILLION RISING.

On 14 February will turn into a live arena, streaming the world of ONE BILLION RISING! Following the 14, we’ll be compiling footage from events all over the world for an exciting new documentary about the movement.

NOW is the time to start making your plans to document your event, share your videos, photos, live stream, written updates and stories, tweets, Facebook posts, etc. WE WANT IT ALL!

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Documenting your events is VERY IMPORTANT, this is how we can SHOW THE WORLD WHAT ONE BILLION RISING LOOKS LIKE! Please use video (cameras, cell phones, computers etc.) and photos and SHARE them with us via social media.


We are calling on every single one of you to DOCUMENT and LIVE STREAM your RISING if possible.

To keep things as simple as possible we have created a "How To" with simple instructions on how to share your rising with the world. We've partnered with Google and YouTube to make streaming your event really easy, as well as providing options for the more ambitious amongst you. And who knows? If we see your event streaming on the 14th it might be added to the homepage along with other fantastic content coming in from around the globe! Picture live footage of your event next to footage from events in Sydney, Bukavu, Istanbul, Manila, New York, Oahu, and thousands more locations.

SHARING your Rising is an important aspect of your event. By connecting your actions visually online with those in 197 countries we will truly SHOW THE WORLD WHAT ONE BILLION LOOKS LIKE!

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Can't Live Stream But Still Want to Document?

We understand not all locations have high enough bandwidth to support live streaming. However we still want you to document your event and share it via social media AS YOUR EVENT IS HAPPENING.

Also, V-Day is creating a ONE BILLION RISING documentary project, and we are looking to include footage of local events from all over the world, so please take video (cameras, cell phones, computers, etc.) and photos of your events.

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