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SHARE YOUR PLANS: The World wants to know how YOU are RISING!


What will YOU be doing on 14 February? How and where will you be rising We want to hear from you! SHARE your plans!

Here's how some V-Day activists are celebrating ONE BILLION RISING:

"At Dominican University we are planning a Dance, Rise, Strike event. We will be engaging the entire campus, closing all classes for two hours, beginning with a rally at noon and then attendees marching to, and through, downtown San Rafael." - Dr. Denise M. Lucy

"I am very happy for the wonderful experience for sensitizing women and girls in my community in Sierra Leon about ONE BILLION RISING Africa to stop violence for women and girls. I involved artists, women of power, and students from different secondary schools so that we can dance, sing, cry, and to say no more rape for women and girls." - Kadiatu Kondeh

I will be rising with my students to raise awareness in Newham, East-London. In the week commencing Monday 11 February we will be discussing equality and women's rights at our weekly Assembly. On Thursday 14 February we will rise! Our voices will be heard and nothing will keep our feet from dancing!" - Katrina McCracken

"We're working to celebrate Chicago RISING with coordinated actions at area campuses and with local rape crisis centers!" - Sharmili Majmudar

"We are planning to perform The Vagina Monologues in Persian language in 3 different cities in Iran. The members of the V-Day team in Iran meet every 14 days in Tehran and are going to perform in private houses in different locations with selected audiences."- Mehrdad Khameneh

"We will be rising in our lunchroom on February 14, doing a flashmob to the One Billion Rising anthem Break The Chain

. We can't wait to show our school Girl Power!" - Kate Shelledy

"Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is hosting ONE BILLION RISING and performing The Vagina Monologues! We're fundraising for a local women's shelter and hope to get quite a crowd!" - Allison Anderson-Cutright-Cisneros

"In Guelph we are putting on The Vagina Monologues and after we will launch into the ONE BILLION RISING introduction - and lead into a drumming circle with chanting, and dancing!" - Heather MacRae

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