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RISE In Solidarity Against Fear, Racism & Misogyny



Around the world, we continue to RISE against neo-fascism, racist patriarchy, misogyny and sexism, to DISRUPT through rallies, protests and events, and CONNECT with individuals, networks, and organizations who are resisting to hold our governments and other patriarchal institutions accountable. Around the world, activists are working in their communities to resist policies that harm and threaten the most marginalized and incorporating local calls to action, harnessing more radical forms of creative and political resistance. Actions and events are happening daily, and with the One Billion Rising Day of Action, 14 February right around the corner, now is the time to call amplify your solidarity calls! FIND/PLAN a radical rising on (or around) 14 Feb >

Happening today across the U.S., over 100 #NoBanNoWall & Stop the #SwampCabinet actions. FIND an event in your area on MoveOn.Org >