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In 4 Weeks the RISING Will Begin!


We are 4 weeks away from the very first RISINGS! As the day rises in the east and continues across the Pacific Islands, Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas, a billion will RISE and DANCE to end violence against women and girls!

Are you ready for your event on 14 February 2013?

Here are some ideas to help you plan:

READ Eve Ensler's Newest Monologue "Rising": Eve has just written a new piece which she composed during her recent travels in India, amidst the incredible uprising there. We envision this monologue as a beautiful addition to your event to motivate the participants to dance.
DOWNLOAD "Rising" by Eve Ensler >

MAKE The One Billion Rising Pledge: One Billion Rising is the beginning of the new world ignited by a new energy. It is not the end of our struggle but the escalation of it. We are suggesting that everyone who rises makes a pledge to do one thing in the next year to end violence against women. Spread the word at your event and have all of your participants make the pledge! We believe a billion people will rise. Imagine a billion activated pledges.
The One Billion Rising Pledge >

ORGANIZE A "Break The Chain" Flash Mob: "Break The Chain," the One Billion Rising dance anthem, will be used in flash mobs all over the world! The legendary Debbie Allen has choreographed a simple dance sequence that you can learn with your fellow RISERS right from home!

LEARN the dance from Debbie Allen with her "Break The Chain" instructional video >

Also CHECK OUT the "How To" dance video by the Senior dance class at the Brooklyn High School of the Arts >

READ our simple "How To Organize a Flash Mob" Blog >

DOWNLOAD the MP3 of "Break The Chain" >

WEAR Red & Black: We're encouraging all RISERS to wear red and black in solidarity with our fellow One Billion Rising activists throughout the world, and those women and girls who could not be here to STRIKE, DANCE, and RISE with us.

A Moment of Solidarity: Choose a time during the day to take a moment, join together with your colleagues, fellow students, family members, and friends, and leave your workplaces, schools, and homes and be together as one. With the earth beneath you raise your hand in the air if you can for one minute. Stop everything, look around, and know you are a part of a worldwide movement of 1 billion people standing together in solidarity to end violence against women and girls.