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One Billion Rising Activists Around the World Escalate Their Actions - Calling for Revolution - to Decisively Demand an End to Violence Against Women and Girls Everywhere


In over 200 countries, from between 14 February and 8 March (International Women's Day) and continuing throughout the year, activists are Rising for Revolution - using art as a powerful form of protest - calling for a radical shift in consciousness to demand CHANGE and decisively end the abuse one in every three women face worldwide.

The One Billion Rising energy that galvanizes and energizes local efforts through radical creative forms of protest - has, for all the last three years, brought attention, engagement and solidarity to the various forms of violence women and girls experience. And while all One Billion Rising for Revolution actions and events are locally determined and locally led and implemented, One Billion Rising has become, through the efforts of thousands of activists around the world, a radical creative energy that connects the struggles and work of local and grassroots activists into a wider global movement. It has become a catalyst that continues to use radical creative protest to provoke, incite, awaken, engage and educate as part of the revolution call for change.

Here are a few highlights of the Revolutionary Risings creating ripples and waves, and changes in communities around the world - created, envisioned and driven by thousands of locally based groups in countries across the world. See the images and stories of hope and inspiration from the front lines of the movement:

Youth RISING: One Billion Rising: Revolution saw young adults, school children, even babies brought to the front of the campaign. Thousands of youth around the world danced to the anthem "Break the Chain" and demanded access to education as a keystone of the revolution. Young women in Mumbai flooded the streets to speak out against street harassment. Mothers and fathers brought their children of all ages to events and danced with them in their arms, hand in hand. In The Gambia and Kenya, girls rose to end female genital mutilation (FGM). In Oakland, the Radical Brownies appeared at their Artistic Uprising evening. Girls of all ages danced, sang, expressed the feminine, slammed poetry, and stood in solidarity.

Rise for the Raise, Workers Rising: The demand for economic security, ending workplace sexual harassment, stronger labor laws and fair wages was amplified my multiple risings this year. We saw women demanding an end to the exploitative contractualization of labor and unfair working conditions. Restaurant workers and customers who support #1FairWage called on legislators to raise the minimum wage and on CEOs to pay workers a livable wage in the U.S. One Billion Rising joined ROC United to get the word out about a series of actions on this issue. On 13, February, a national action in the United States took place on ROC's annual day of action.

Breaking the Silence: Every year we see the power of releasing stories, releasing pain and trauma, and the healing power of a community coming together to hold the space for testimonials. This year sex trafficking survivors spoke out in defiance of their captors, veterans denounced the continued culture of denial of sexual abuse in the US military, and survivors shared their My Revolution stories online.

Men Rising: This year, men led and organized groundbreaking, revolutionary initiatives, serving as an inspiration for other men around the world to be part of the radical shift in consciousness in how women and girls are treated and seen on the community and global level.

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