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#DalitWomenFight North American Tour, Global Coordinators Send Updates from New Mexico & Bangladesh


#DalitWomenFight: Dalit Women's Self Respect Movement North American Tour

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Dalit Women Fight have shared the news of their tour, please spread the word and attend in your city:

Happening now through 26 October, join the delegation of organizers working on the front lines to end caste apartheid and who are seeking justice for Dalit women by breaking the silence on the epidemic of caste-based sexual violence for a series of speaking events & radical art actions. Tour stops include New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Houston and Seattle!

Follow Dalit Women Fight on Facebook & Twitter  for detailed event information and visit their website to learn more about the largest historic challenge to caste-based sexual violence in Indian history.

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RISING Updates From New Mexico & Bangladesh


In Santa Fe, One Billion Rising Coordinator Jessica Montoya blogs about a peaceful protest she organized in an effort to bring multiplicity to an annual local celebration that reenacts the conquest of the Pueblo Native people by Spanish conquistadors.

"On Friday, September 11, 2015, we gathered together peacefully holding signs with historical facts and quotes from Don Diego himself while wearing black t-shirts with the year 1680 emblazoned on the front. Our goal: expand the narrative of Santa Fe’s story celebrated each year and help tell a collective story with the voices of the marginalized at the forefront."

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One Billion Rising Coordinator Khushi Kabir blogs about a public concertConcert Against Sexual Violence 3.jpeg against sexual violence hosted by local organizers in response to a series of very visable cases of sexual harassment and rape that outraged activists and the public.

"However, in Bangladesh, this year, a series of incidents took place which made the need to raise our voice for our Revolution even stronger and urgent...One of our young activists, suggested why not have a public concert.  Bring in popular bands, who are committed to fighting violence, to not only sing but make to a statement." 

READ One Billion Rising Artists' Rising in Bangladesh: A Concert Against Sexual Violence blog >

Date Correction: RISE For Climate Justice On Tuesday, 29 September

The Global Women's Climate Justice Day of Action is on Tuesday, 29 September, not Monday as listed in our previous RisingMail.  Our apologies for the typo!

One Billion Rising is joining grassroots activists, Indigenous leaders, business leaders, scientists, policy makers, farmers, academics and culture-shapers in collaboration to RISEGlobalWomensClimateJusticeDOAImage4[1].png for Climate Justice! Women's Earth and Climate Action Network is organizing the Global Women’s Climate Justice Day of Action for Tuesday, 29 September.

Join us and women worldwide in organizing decentralized local actions – from marches & sit-ins, to educational workshops, art displays, and tree plantings.

TAKE action >

SIGN the “Women's Climate Declaration” to be delivered to world governments at COP21 in Paris this December >