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Support Afghanistan's Malalai Joya


Show Your Support For Malalai Joya

Malalai Joya, one of Afghanistan's most outspoken members of parliament and a friend of V-Day, was recently voted out of the lower house by her fellow MPs and is suspended from her governmental position for an undisclosed period of time. In addition to her suspension from parliament, several legislators have said that Joya could be sued for contempt in a court of law.

Malalai Joya is a relentless critic of the warlords and assorted war criminals in the Karzai government. Following her return from a U.S speaking tour, legislators kicked her out after viewing a television interview in which she criticized the Afghan Parliament.

Malalai Joya works tirelessly on behalf of the women in Afghanistan and is the director of the non-governmental group, Organization for the Promotion of Afghan Women's Capabilities.

"Through my voice, the suffering women of a repressed nation sang the long-forgotten song of freedom, a patriotic melody conducted by the sorrows and grievances felt by women all throughout Afghanistan. The once untold truth triggered a deep indignation in the cold hearts of the fundamentalists, who are used to women silently stating hopeless ballads under the degrading reality of their burqa. Never again will I whisper in the shadows of intimidation. I am but a symbol of my people's struggle and a servant to their cause."

In 2004, the Valle d'Aosta province of Italy awarded her the International Women of the Year Award. In 2006, she received the Gwangju Award for Human Rights in South Korea, and the Women's Peacepower Foundation Women of Peace award. She was also among the "1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005."

"At 28 years old, Malalai Joya has dedicated herself to the Afghan people by speaking out against the war lords and oppressors in her country. She has traveled the world campaigning for freedom of speech, democracy and human rights and has influenced and motivated many women and men to do the same. She has risked her own life, and the life of those closest to her in order to stand up for the women and men who have no voice. We now have the opportunity to help her for her passion and sacrifices by standing in solidarity and demanding that her suspension be revoked and her security reinstated." -Eve Ensler

V-Day asks all of you to help Afghanistan's leading champion of women's rights and demand that Joya be reinstated to her position immediately.

Malalai Joya gained international attention for standing up to US backed warlords who are once more in power. Her life has been threatened many times, not only by extremists but also by fellow members of parliament. Now, following her suspension Malalai is deprived of all official security facilities and her life is at great risk.

Here's how you can help:

Support Malalai Joya; donate to her defense fund today

Write to Afghan Officials!
The Afghan Women's Mission has coordinated a list. We encourage you to write to Afghan officials and file your protest for expelling and prosecuting Joya, while the terrorists and human rights violators in the parliament were provided immunity before any court for their past crimes last month.

For information on where to write letters of protest, visit:

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