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Bring V-Day 2008 to Your College or Community for V-Day's Tenth Anniversary!


2008 is V To The Tenth!

Bring V-Day 2008 to Your College or Community for V-Day's Tenth Anniversary!

Registration Opens Today for V-Day 2008, V-Day's 10th Anniversary season!

Join V-Day and the thousands of activists at colleges and cities around the world who stage V-Day benefit productions of The Vagina Monologues to raise awareness and funds to end violence against women in their communities. Each year during V-Season, V-Day events take place on college campuses and in communities, theaters, churches, and cafes worldwide.

Make a difference in your colleges and communities!

This year, 2008 marks V-Day's TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY! To celebrate we are now offering three events for V-Day organizers to produce. V-Day events can feature benefit performances of The Vagina Monologues, staged readings of V-Day's A Memory, A Monologue A Rant and A Prayer and screenings of V-Day's documentary Until The Violence Stops. The money raised stays in your local community, supporting organizations that stop violence against women and girls.

V-Day's 2008 Spotlight Campaign will focus on the Women of New Orleans. These women - Katrina Warriors - have come to symbolize the universal plight of women in conflict zones-- high levels of violence; economic hardship; racism; and public structures that failed to protect them. Katrina Warriors also highlight the dire need for resources to this still devastated community.

V To The Tenth will celebrate the past ten years and usher in the next ten in a series of events beginning in early 2008. Details will be announced this Fall. Stay tuned to V-Mail for more information!

Bring V-Day to your city, your community, your college, or your university!

To sign up, visit

Join us. Help stop the Violence!

A Letter from Eve Ensler

Dear V-Activists

Welcome to V to the 10th - the celebration, the call, the decision, the next step. Welcome to the next ten years where together we will raise the stakes, go further, go deeper, increase the power and CHANGE THE STORY OF WOMEN.

Because of your dedication and spirit, V-Day is celebrating ten years of ending violence against women and girls. I am personally inviting you to join us this V-Season, both in your own communities and also with us in April in New Orleans, Louisiana, as we celebrate these victories. Stay tuned for dates and details that will be announced this Fall via V-Mail!

And there are so many victories: women speaking the word where it was never uttered; women standing up against local and national governments, religious forces, parents, husbands, friends, university administrators, college presidents; the voice inside them that judges and censors; college students across the world making V-Day a radical annual event (it's been noted that there are 2 things on every college campus, a Starbucks and a V-Day). Women reclaiming their bodies; telling the stories of their own violations, desires, victories, shame, adventures. Women finding their power, their voice, women standing up for women in other parts of the world, women being supported by great men who wrote monologues, who directed, who produced, who were proud. Afghan women, Egyptian women, Native American women, Asian women, women standing on stage, on edge, in reds and pinks, with New York accents, southern accents, African accents, Indian accents and British accents; speaking, screaming, whispering, laughing and moaning....

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Run For Congo Women!

Run for Congo Women is a grassroots fundraising and awareness-building
campaign to help the women of Democratic Republic of Congo. All funds raised support Womenfor Women International's Congo Program, which offers a one year
sponsorship to help women who have suffered unimaginable violence to
rebuild their lives and regain an economic foothold to support their
surviving children.

For only $27 a month and a $30 initiation fee, sponsored women receive:

  • $10 a month in cash for personal support
  • group work with women who have had similar experiences
  • human rights and women's rights training
  • literacy training, if needed
  • education about women's role in societies recovering from war
  • business skills training
  • $60 seed money to start a small business upon completion of the program
  • Please join one of the upcoming local events below or do you own Run for
    Congo Women. Go to for details or call Women for
    Women International at 202-737-7705.

  • September 29: Hunter, New York. 5K Run/Walk. Email:
  • October 6: Chicago IL, Lincoln Park (across from Grant Statue). 5K
    Run/Walk. Email:
  • October 20th: St. Louis MO, Queeny Park (Ballwin, MO). 6K Run/Walk.
  • October 21st: Tempe/Phoenix AZ, Kiwanis Park (Tempe). 10K Run/Walk:
  • Or simply sign up to sponsor a woman in DR Congo through Women for Women International. Go to

    For more information on the V-Day UNICEF Campaign "Stop Raping Our Greatest Resource, Power To The Women And Girls Of The Democratic Republic Of Congo" please visit

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