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Support Our Syrian Sisters in Lebanon


The ongoing Civil War in Syria has lead to hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing to neighboring countries. As history has taught us, the rate of violence against women and girls escalates dramatically in times of conflict, and as the war continues and the stability of refugee camps and local infrastructure deteriorates, women and girls are suffering.

V-Day is proud to be working with Al Madad Foundation, a small, grassroots UK registered organization that works directly with refugees on the ground in Lebanon.

Aya Haidar, Director of the Al Madad Foundation explains, “Having been to Lebanon several times since the start of the year, I can tell you that the situation is beyond frightful and into catastrophic...The social and economic pressure is beyond breaking point and the tension is palpable. If the basic needs of the many disadvantaged is not met, it will lead to unimaginable consequences.“

Please consider joining V-Day in supporting the work of Al Madad Foundation – Syrian refugees are being forgotten. 100% of money raised through The Vagina Warrior Fund will go exclusively towards the needs of women and children on the ground, including water, food, sanitary towels, clothing, food, etc. All goods will be bought locally and dispersed by the Al Madad team.

Any amount - no matter how small - will help. Join us to help our Syrian sisters.