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Calling All Risers - Create Your Own "Break the Chain" Dance!


Creating Choreography In Your Culture and Community - Revolutionize "BREAK THE CHAIN"


Throughout the first three years of One Billion Rising, activists have creatively used the "Break The Chain" song and choreography in their communities.   Since it was released in late 2012, the song has been translated into over 15 languages making the message more accessible, the song more local.

Communities around the world have also adapted, localised and completely re-envisioned the choreography, in many places integrating the dance into their cultures so that it remains current and relevant. These incredible dances (as well as the original ones) have been shared throughout the campaign, they are unique and inspiring. This year, as the movement evolves into its fourth year, activists are invited to create and send in fresh new versions of “Break The Chain” - original moves that express the energy and message of One Billion Rising for your communities and groups and networks.

SEND in a video of you, your friends or your whole community dancing your original “Break The Chain” choreography. We will upload it, along with other videos we receive, and send them across OBR networks around the world, to share all the different dance moves activists can choose from, and to continue to inspire global solidarity!

The 2015-2016 year of risings will continue the REVOLUTION theme, so envision and create wild, radical dance moves that free and liberate the body, that can move people into defiance, joy, courage, empowerment and community.

As in years before, using choreography is just suggestion, NOT a requirement or a mandate.

Organizers and risers are encouraged to continue to localize their artistic expressions however they want including any version of the choreography your community chooses. Or multiple versions, there’s no limit to how many ways you can DANCE!

Break the Chain and DANCE for Revolution!

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Check out some examples of original choreography: