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Monday, October 7: Join #IdleNoMore for Their International Day of Action!


On Monday, October 7, Idle No More, is holding an international day of action, 250 years to the day following the signing of the British Royal Proclamation that legally mandated Canada to recognize Indigenous land rights. Idle No More is calling "on all peoples to raise (y)our voices and take action in support of:-- Our Land -- Our Water -- Our Bodies -- Our Stories -- Our Future -- Indigenous Sovereignty!"

Activist and actor Tantoo Cardinal has shared with us her statement in honor of the day, in which she says "Grandmother Earth does not look at party affiliation, shares, title, or bank account. She hears your heart, soul, mind, body - each thought and inspiration is a vote. We are gathering as one, all over the planet on October 7 with loving action to support the good health and happiness of our existence for ourselves, our relations..."
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Join us all in proclaiming the importance of Indigenous Sovereignty! Stand up and be heard this October 7, 2013!

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