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V-Day Supports LGBT Asylum Support Task Force


V-Day is proud to be supporting the LGBT Asylum Support Task Force of Hadwen Park Church in Worcester, MA with a $5000 grant. A group of dedicated volunteers in Central Massachusetts who provide support to any LGBT asylum seeker who is pursuing a legal case, the Task Force has supported more than 62 LGBTQ persons from 15 countries.

The V-Day grant goes towards supporting JK and Magi, two Ugandan women who were tortured, jailed and "correctively raped," because they were lesbians. Corrective rape is a horrific practice in which it is believed that rape can "cure" a woman of their homosexuality, leading them to marry men and have children. Because being openly gay in Ugandan society is so dangerous, these women fled the country, leaving their children behind. The V-Day grant helps to support them in the United States while they pursue a legal battle for asylum.

Please read more about the important work of the Task Force at

As Pastor Judy Hanlon, who runs the program, said, "This is nitty, gritty life-saving work."