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Give the Gift of SOLIDARITY! Donate to the Rising Fund for Women of Standing Rock


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Art by Jackie Fawn, used with permission of Honor the Earth

Instead of buying gifts and unnecessarily using up resources, this giving season you can make a donation to HONOR THE EARTH & V-DAY'S RISING FUND FOR WOMEN OF STANDING ROCK in the name of a loved one. This rapid response fund will support indigenous women and women's groups working to protect the vital resource that is water at Standing Rock and throughout Native lands. By donating to this fund you can give the gift of solidarity, while also providing much needed support to women who are working around the clock to stave off forces that are seeking to destroy their sacred land, history, traditions and very existence. We will send a gorgeous digital card notifying the recipient of your thoughtful gift, a donation in their name to a fund supporting the ongoing work of women who are leading the resistance at Standing Rock and beyond.

RISE for Mother Earth

RISE for Water Not Oil

RISE for the Powerful Indigenous Women Leaders at Standing Rock

RISE 2017!

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