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V-Day Founder Eve Ensler Shares What She's Grateful For


2008 marked V-Day's 10th Anniversary - we celebrated in New Orleans where 40,000 people gathered in honor of the women of the Gulf South, thousands of V-Day benefits took place worldwide raising awareness and funds to end violence, and our Spotlight Campaign on Congo launched at a critical time.

It was an eventful year of hope and change, and all of us at V-Day are thankful for your support.

From Eve - a note of her thanks -

so here's what i am grateful for -

v-days in antarctica

volunteers who flew themselves to the superdome to give free massage and make-overs, yoga and therapy for women from the storm

men who joined our cause and stood up to end violence against women and girls

dr. mukwege from congo who stands on the front lines every day and models a
different way of being a man

for v-day karama chair hibaaq osman for turning an idea into a powerful regional movement

all the v-activists and women’s studies teachers who kindly hosted me
on my tour who are directing, speaking, connecting, reaching out and growing this movement

the women of new orleans who opened their hearts and their city to v-day

the women of congo who dance in the face of horror

yanar in iraq who keeps going in spite of the insecurity

agnes in kenya who has changed her culture

to our supporters who give on every level and keep this movement alive

to the novo foundation who has made ending violence against women a priority

to the rockefeller foundation for giving so much to new orleans and the world

to our board who are simply the fiercest, smartest, most generous women

to all of you who responded to the call for the women of congo and sent your money and signed up for teach-ins

to liz mikel for stepping in at the last minute and ripping up the

to all the actors and writers and performers and activists who brought
themselves to new orleans and gave their genius

for the women who brought the v-day: until the violence stops festival to their towns
and freed women prisoners

to the women of haiti who opened the first safe house in port au prince

and winnie and duncan in kenya who taught girls skills that saved their lives

to rada and all the young activists for bringing the former
yugoslavia together through vday

for christine for agreeing to direct v-day congo and city of joy

for our amazing partners in bukavu and goma

for esther for continuing to save women in juarez despite all odds

for asali for bringing her words to los angeles

to everyone involved, the writers, actors, director, funders involved
with swimming upstream and particularly carol bebelle

the katrina warrior network for making a safe vital space in the communities of the gulf south

to the v-day staff who work tirelessly with humor, grace and love to make it all happen

to all the groups we work in partnership with - too many to list - to all the great work you do - may our collaborations be deeper and stronger and more united and may more support be directed towards all our efforts

to all of you who have given your days, night, weekends, your commitment, your vision, devotion, who have brought your friends, your families, and your communities into v-world, who have become the leaders who are giving birth to more leaders, you are the change, you are the movement

who know we can end violence, war, we can end racism and economic

we can save the earth and return it and its resources to the people

we can empower women and make them safe

we can be free.