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Happy V-Day from Eve


When I saw this photo from Antarctica I was overwhelmed. Through this photograph, I got a glimpse of what we are doing. Maybe it's because today is V-Day and 1150 colleges and communities will be celebrating 3000 benefits across the globe raising funds and awareness for local anti-violence groups, education programs, shelters and rape crisis centers. Maybe it's because the photo made me think of the polar bears and the preciousness of the earth and how connected everything is. Maybe it's because the small group of people in the photograph stood up in their community way out there and made a difference on their particular spot on earth and because each one of you is doing the same.

We WILL end violence against women and girls. We are ending violence against women and girls because one person and then another in each community in each town by mountains, rivers, high rises, in snow, in sunlight, in peace, in unity, with humor and outrage is standing up.

Happy Happy V-Day!
- Eve