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Registration Opens Today for V-Day 2007 - Bring V-Day 2007 to Your College or Community


Registration Opens Today for V-Day 2007. Join V-Day and the thousands of activists at colleges and cities around the world who stage V-Day benefit productions of The Vagina Monologues to raise awareness and funds to end violence against women in their communities. Each year between February 1 and March 8 (International Women's Day), V-Day events take place on college campuses and in theaters, churches, and cafes worldwide.

Make a difference in your community! V-Day events feature a benefit performance of The Vagina Monologues. The money raised stays in your local community, supporting organizations that stop violence against women and girls. The Vagina Monologues playwright, V-Day Founder Eve Ensler, waives fees to V-Day benefit presenters of the play.

In 2007, thousands of V-Day benefits around the world will share the theme "Reclaiming Peace," making the connection between the worldwide anti-violence work of V-Day activists and our collective desire for peace/an end to armed conflicts. Additionally, each year V-Day spotlights a particular group of women who are experiencing violence with the goal of raising awareness and funds to put a worldwide media spotlight on this area and to raise funds to aide groups who are addressing it. The V-Day 2007 Spotlight will be on Women in Conflict Zones because war exponentially increases the crimes of violence against women and girls. In equal measure the strength and resilience of women in rebuilding their communities and leading governments to peaceful solutions will be celebrated.

Bring V-Day to your city, your community, your college, or your university!
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Join us. Help stop the Violence!