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Quiet Streets


When the violence stops I will be able to walk down the street to buy milk without being beeped, screamed, or heckled at. I will relax when I'm waiting to cross the road because I know no one is going to scream out at me to go to a dance party. I will wear shorts and not have every 2nd pair of eyes looking me over. I will walk with my friends at night and not tense up at the sight of a car which could be filled with guys.

I've been getting beeped at since I was in primary school. At first I thought "wow." I was younger and stupid. Now there's more screaming and I'm down right pissed off. I want to learn self defence or karate so I can have just a little more confidence when walking down the street. I'm not a man-hater. I have the most beautiful boyfriend and I'm not saying all guys are bad. But so many guys disrespect girls and I wish that could change.