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CA Governor Cuts 100-percent of Domestic Violence Funds (San Diego 6)

Originally published in:
San Diego 6

In an unprecedented move, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has cut 100-percent of domestic violence funding, leaving women's shelters wondering how they're going to deal with the loss.

Local shelter directors thought they'd see about a 20 to 30 percent cut, but never 100-percent. With this cut, there are fears that many abused women seeking help will have to be turned away.

"Jane" is a domestic violence victim. She told San Diego 6, "I probably wouldn't be alive. I would be dead."

Jane stays at Carol's House in the North County, a women's shelter she has called home for several months.

She talked about the abuse she suffered from her former fiancee'. "My abuser beat me in the head with a hammer. Choked me unconscious."

Jane fears what will happen to the next abused woman looking for help. "That they will die. Whether it would be in the inside or physically."

Ninety-four women's shelters statewide are affected. Laurin Pause, Executive Director for Community Resource Center, says half of those shelters might close.

"We hear about domestic violence on our streets already," said Pause. "That number is going to increase and that is my biggest fear."

Pause manages Carol's House which has relied on the state for half of their funding.

"Part of getting a woman to be free and become a survivor is to offer full services which include legal counseling, and some of these programs may have to be cut," cautioned Pause.