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Emotional Creature (Global Girl Media)

Originally published in:
Global Girl Media

By Keana Cupido

On the 9th of July, GlobalGirl Media went to visit the famous author and world renowned playwright Eve Ensler at the Bus Factory in Newtown, Johannesburg, where she and her cast are rehearsing her new play Emotional Creature. When we went into the rehearsal studio, I got a chance to meet with Ensler and personally interview her and the cast of the play. The cast explained how exiting and inspiring it was doing the play. They told me how they really appreciated Ensler and how she helped them gain confidence and self-esteem. The girls added that V-Girls has taught them how to stand up as women and feel that they could to do anything they put their minds to.

It was a great honor to be given an opportunity to meet Eve Ensler, an inspiring woman of integrity and intelligence who experienced the tragedy of abuse at a very young age. This experience has led her to become the amazing and strong woman that she is today! She is now helping other young women with similar problems and challenges to face them with no fear and stand up for what they deserve and what is rightfully theirs.

Ensler is also well know for her play she wrote in 1996 called The Vagina Monologues, which has been staged in more than 130 countries. This play is based on interviews with women about their bodies and it became a catalyst for women to open up on their personal experiences.

An overwhelming number of women who experienced violence and have survived the tragedy. This inspired Ensler to start the movement of V-Day (Vagina Day) which has raised over $70 million dollars for anti-violence-against women programs around the world. Ensler hopes that the impact of her new book “I AM AN EMOTIONAL CREATURE: THE SECRET LIFE OF GIRLS” and the production of the play will be just as far-reaching.

Ensler has started the V-Girls movement, “to create a girl revolution.” She says that V-Girls stands for the girl in everybody; the muted, the censored, shut down, diminished, undermined. V-Girls is described as a call to girls, for girls, about girls, around the world to be their authentic selves and to overcome the pressures that rob them of their originality and power!

As a young girl of South Africa, I will fight for my pride and I will not allow anything to come in my way, for I am a woman of power and talent beyond compare! Eve Ensler is living her life to prove a woman’s power and capabilities and I have yet to do the same. I felt so strong to have been sitting next to them on that stage. I could sit there with attitude and understand what they were talking about, because I’ve been through hell in my life. If it were not for God, my mom and GlobalGirl Media, I would not have the self-esteem and view of myself I have now.