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WATCH: Take A Peek Inside V-Day's Work in Kenya


In August 2009, V-Day staff and Board members visited the Narok Tasaru Ntomonok and Sakutiek safe houses in Kenya. Run by V-Day Kenya Director Agnes Pareyio, both provide shelter, education and alternative rights of passage ceremonies to girls fleeing Female Genital Mutliation (FGM). During the visit with Agnes and her staff, our team witnessed an incredible reconciliation between a rescued girl and her family, and also had the opportunity to meet with community stakeholders who attested to the community-wide positive impact that the safe houses have, as well as to the economic incentive that many families have for cutting their girls. Agnes' sensitization work with parents and village elders has helped families to see that educating a girl will have far greater economic benefit for the family than cutting her so that she can be married off for a bride price.

"Being part of the V-Day movement, has allowed me to expand my work to end FGM and early marriage and to reach more girls and their communities than I could have imagined," stated Pareyio. "Knowing that we in Kenya are connected to thousands of V-Day activists around the world inspires us to continue the work we do."