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Celebrate International Women's Day, Celebrate V-Day Activists!



V-Day celebrates women worldwide today and everyday. Activists everywhere inspire us and we thank and honor you all!

This V-Season, over 5,400 V-Day benefit events are taking place on college campuses and in communities in over 50 countries and all 50 of the United States.

Today alone, V-Day activists in seven countries including Canada, Spain, France, Switzerland, England, and Scotland, and in 18 of the United States, are activating their communities through events and teach-ins, raising funds and awareness to end the violence the afflicts one in three women worldwide.

The V-activities taking place are shaking up new and old institutions, engaging diverse groups of people. From European Parliament to Occupy Wall Street, from Austin to Belarus, V-energy is taking hold and ONE BILLION RISING has begun. Here’s a snapshot of the stories for you to read:

"Through theater, Austinites join movement to end violence against women" - The Statesman >

"Helping to end the violence" - >

"Shake up the Earth to End Violence" - The Brock Press >

""Monologues" For U.S. Congress?" - The Wall Street Journal >

V-Day St. Catharines 2012: "Of the sacred and the profane" - The Spec >

First ever V-Day event in Belarus >

The Inventory: Eve Ensler - Interview by Hester Lacey for The Financial Times >

"Ensler Premieres the Occupy Monologue" - The Huffington Post >

We need everyone to join in our efforts, please take a minute right now to invite 5 women in your life to join us on 02.14.13. Join us now! >

On February 14th, 2013 we will walk out, dance, rise up, and demand an end to this violence, but the work begins TODAY. Now is the moment that we must gather, harness our collective energy, and escalate towards this celebration.

Today we must stand together and SAY NO TO VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND GIRLS.

SEND an International Women's Day V-Card

Celebrate International Women's Day by supporting the global movement to end violence against women and girls. Make a donation to V-Day on behalf of friends and loved ones, and V-Day will send a specially designed 2012 International Women's Day V-Card letting them know of their unique gift in their honor.

Photo Credit: Paula Allen

To send a V-Card on the donate page, check the box next to "Donate on behalf of a loved one?" labeled "Yes, I would like to send a V-Day e-card" and fill in the rest of the information to finish designing your gift.

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