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Twelve years ago, V-Day had the great fortune to meet an incredible, inspirational, and truly courageous woman by the name of Monique Wilson. She was the first to bring V-Day events to the Philippines and over the years she has organized performances in local theaters, the Philippine Senate and House of Congress, War Crimes Tribunals, packed stadiums, universities, and international conferences. Through her passion and influence, countless women and girls have been given a voice and have been empowered to become leaders within their communities to raise awareness about violence against women and girls.

This year alone, Monique has organized over nine V-Day events including upcoming performances in Manila, and most recently she directed an incredible benefit production of The Vagina Monologues with thirty-five members of Justice For Domestic Workers (JD4W) in London. Monique has shared with us her her experience with the incredible women of JD4W, we ask you to please read her piece, V-Day With Justice for Domestic Workers, and join us in celebrating the incredible work of Monique Wilson.

READ V-Day With Justice for Domestic Workers by Monique Wilson >