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Statement from Eve Ensler on Michigan State Senate's Passing of the Anti-Abortion Bill


Eve Ensler responds to Michigan Senate's passing of the Anti-Abortion House Bill 5711:

"Women across the nation and the world are watching what’s happening in Michigan. I was honored to be in Michigan in May when thousands of women and men came out on the Capitol Steps to protest this type of legislation, and thousands more tweeted, wrote blogs and emails across the state and the world in support. I stand with State Senators Gretchen Whitmer and Rebekah Warren and the women of Michigan in support of women's rights to their bodies and their freedom to speak. Governor Snyder must stand up to this extremist attack on women’s healthcare by vetoing this terrible legislation. Remember the most recent election. Women vote and last election we voted out those who did not support our rights. It will happen again. I promise."
- Eve Ensler, Playwright and Founder of V-Day

Here are links to videos of Sen. Warren and Sen. Whitmer speaking out on the bills:


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