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COLLEGE ACTIVISTS: "My Short Skirt" And Everything Under It Is Mine. Mine. Mine!


#CampusRising: 2014-2015 could be the most important year yet for making campus safety a reality, and we don't have a minute to lose! We are reaching out to all of our campus activists to launch a new FALL event using art & activism - #CampusRising - that will escalate the ongoing efforts to make all campuses safer.

This event is your demand for a safe, respectful, and equal learning environment for all, so go BIG! What it looks like is up to you, but here are some ideas:

  • Readings of My Short Skirt We're thrilled to offer "My Short Skirt"! Through this monologue, V-Day activists have been defining consent for over a decade, and it's time to bring its message back to your campuses.
  • Men reading The Man Prayer
  • Local musical acts
  • A dance flash-mob
  • Survivor testimonials
  • End with a call to action for your campus administration to implement whatever you feel your campus needs to make it safer!

Learn more, JOIN our Campus Rising FB page and CHECK OUT our #CampusRising information page.