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Press Release of V-Men at their National Forum Held at Hotel Horizon Bukavu-South Kivu



V-Men from all provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo gathered in Forum from August 13th to August 14th, 2014 in Bukavu,

Aware of women's cry; "Where are men?"

Aware that violence against women persists in all countries on the global scope and undermines the foundations of the society,

We are determined to think for three days on the theme: "restoring the dignity of the woman is to put the Democratic Republic of Congo in the orbit of sustainable and harmonious development"

If we have taken the commitment to be Congolese V-Men, it's because we believe that every man who takes part in this forum is able to help fight against these scourges of discrimination against women, gender-related violence in their cyclical and structural context and consider the woman and the girl as our most valuable resources:

There is no fate: together Congolese intellectuals, parents, neighborhood leaders, community and religious leaders, political and administrative authorities, police and justice, we can change the course of events,

Together; children, adults, young and old, we must mobilize to denounce the rape that women and children undergo, create early warning mechanisms to restore security in our communities, end impunity, promote gender equality and values that can liberate men and women from some backward traditions.

For this to happen, each of us, in his of everyday deeds must work for the passage of a deconstructed to a consistent society.

V-Men DR Congo
Bukavu, August 14th, 2014