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BRING 10! SEND 10! TELL 10!


V-Day often gets emails from dedicated V-Mail subscribers asking what you can do to support the movement. For our 10th anniversary Valentine's Day, there are three ways that you can support V-Day's work to end violence against women and girls, join your fellow V-Day supporters and activists and bring new activists into the movement by giving the gift of V-Day!

In celebration of V TO THE TENTH, BRING 10! people with you to New Orleans to V TO THE TENTH at the New Orleans Arena. The V-Day event of the decade, in New Olreans we will celebrate the V-Day movement and honor the thousands of activists who have made this movement a success over the years. What better way to welcome the next decade of ending violence against women and girls than together with your friends, family and fellow activists!

Click here to BRING 10!

V-Day is also offering you the opportunity to SEND 10! When you SEND 10!, tickets will be distributed by our New Orleans and Golf South based Katrina Warriors Network to women and girls in the Gulf South so they can attend V TO THE TENTH at the New Orleans Arena on April 12, 2008 free of charge. Sending 10 tickets is a fully tax deductible donation in support of V-Day.

Click here to SEND 10!

With TELL 10!, spread the word about V-Day and V TO THE TENTH, sign up to TELL 10! Expand our network by inviting your network to the V-Day anniversary festivities and campaigns and encourage them to join us in New Orleans for this once in a lifetime event!

Click here to TELL 10!

And don't forget, to buy your tickets to V TO THE TENTH!!!

See you in New Orleans at V TO THE TENTH!

Happy V-Day!