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V TO THE TENTH: The Red Tent (

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It was an unforgettable weekend at the Superdome in New Orleans — thousands of activists and performers from around the world joined Hurricane Katrina survivors from New Orleans and the Gulf South in transforming the Superdome into "Superlove" during V to the 10th, the tenth anniversary of the V-Day campaign to end violence against women and girls. Eve Ensler, the mother of the V-Day movement, urged women to share their stories with each other all weekend. Ensler's Vagina Monologues project is based on this idea of the value of the individual woman's story — it is comprised of staged readings based on the stories of real women. Local artists and activists from New Orleans used a similar approach to creating their AMAZING new theater piece about Katrina, "Swimming Upstream," which debuted at Superlove ...

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