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Eve Ensler’s Spectacular Celebrates New Orleans Women

Originally published in:
Women's Media Center

by Regina Cornwell

“I’ve been trying to free myself of Katrina’s grasp. …With what I’ve gone through I should be just stark raving mad by now, but I’m able to go on.” These are the words of Herreast Harrison, Upper Ninth Ward resident, political and cultural activist.

Welcome to New Orleans, newly christened the “Vagina of America” by playwright Eve Ensler, because, as she explained, it’s a delta, it’s fertile, and people love to party there. She chose the city to commemorate the 10th anniversary of her global V-Day movement to end violence against women and girls, and dedicated the celebration to the women of NOLA (New Orleans, LA) for holding up the sky during and since Katrina. Not one for small gestures, Ensler rented out the Superdome—the once infamous home to thousands of New Orleanians, mostly people of color, abandoned when the levees broke—and renamed it Superlove. Entry was free to all for the mega-weekend events, April 11-12...

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