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No More Beatings No More Rape...(

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You have been reading our blogs and watching our video diary about the incredible V To The 10th event that took place in the Superdome in New Orleans from April 11-12. Some of you lucky ones were there.

It was the 10th anniversary celebration of V-Day, the global movement to end violence against women and girls launched by Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues. There will be thousands of V-Day events held around the world this year, but this was the BIG one; V-day chose the location to honor the women of New Orleans and the Gulf South.

It was a complex and consciousness-raising gathering of activists, performers and speakers who came together with a common purpose. But the women of New Orleans and the Gulf South were the event's heart center; 1,200 women of the Katrina diaspora returned home for the event and the local activists of the Katrina Warriors Network brought the community into the movement.

The Superdome, a site of suffering during the Hurricane Katrina disaster, was transformed into a vaginal, pink "Superlove" space. I roamed around this space, crossing paths with the inspiring people who had come from near and far. Take the next three minutes, sit down, put on some headphones and come meet some of them on this tour of the "Superlove."

When you are done watching, please go to the V-Day website and dig deeper into these activists and this movement.

Were you there? Are you involved in V-Day? I hope you will share your stories and send links to your Vagina Warrior worlds.

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