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Review of V-Day Documentary Until The Violence Stops

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By Wendy Hamacher, Special to,1146,25144,FF.html
V-DAY Until the Violence Stops
STUDIO: Iron Films, V-DAY Productions, New
Video Distributors
RELEASE DATE:Available Now
TIME: 73 mins.
DVD EXTRAS: Additional Scenes, V-DAY Spotlight Campaigns

ZAP2IT RATING: Until recently, the word "vagina" was sparsely spoken aloud, let alone shouted out loud repeatedly in a packed theater full of women and men. Now, thanks to comedian/activist Eve Ensler, it is a word capable of changing the lives of women who have battled sexual abuse and violence.

In the recently-released docudrama "V-Day Until the Violence Stops," filmmakers treat you to an eye-opening experience into "The Vagina Monologues" and how the ability of words can change the fate of thousands of women.

The DVD presents you with vivid images and follows Ensler as the monologues are produced in cities around the globe. In each segment the introductions of real people and their struggles with sexual violence and physical abuse is shocking, yet their strength and perseverance is intimately captured allowing the audience to share in their pain, but without the usual exploitive nature.

In an efficient way, the documentary gives you time to process heart-wrenching details. Mostly, the film stirs passionate emotions. The thirst for wanting to get involved in this fight against abuse is overwhelming. When seeing Ensler and her accomplishments portrayed so humbling and selflessly, it's impossible for a person not to feel comforted that she is fighting for women's rights.

This is not a film to be taken lightly -- it is in fact a graphic display of the pain and oppression felt by countless women, even in our liberal times. If interested in snuggling on the couch while munching on popcorn, this is probably not the movie for you. But if you are searching for truth, meaning and a lot of heart this is the perfect choice.

The special features add insightful detail and information on how the monologues continue their campaign against violence. Ultimately, a film insistent on awareness, "V-Day" delivers an uplifting and hopeful outlook.

To purchase "Until the Violence Stops", visit the docurama web site at "Until the Violence Stops" is also available for rental at